Yard Number: 755
Laid down 26th January 1940, commissioned 28th February 1941.

7th May 1941 she picked up 19 survivors from the torpedoed British merchant SS IXION 200 miles (320 km) south west of Reykjavik, Iceland.

16 November 1941 she engaged U-433 which sank at 2155hrs, after a sustained attack with depth charges and gunfire in the Mediterranean, 25 nmi (46 km) east of Gibraltar. MARIGOLD picked up a number of survivors and took them to Gibraltar.

15th June 1942 she picked up 41 survivors from the British merchant SS ETRIB, 20 survivors from the Norwegian tanker SS SLEMDAL and 29 survivors from the British merchant SS THURSO that had been torpedoed and sunk by U-552 380 miles (610 km) West of Corunna, Spain.

13th November 1942 she rescued 81 survivors from the British merchant SS MARON which had been torpedoed and sunk by U-81 off Oran, Algeria.

The Times November 21st 1941
'U-Boat Sunk. The Admiralty is now able to announce that a German U-boat has been destroyed by the corvette H.M.S. Marigold (Lieutenant J. Renwick, R.N.R.) in the area in which H.M.S. Ark Royal had been torpedoed only two days before. As this U-boat was patrolling in the same waters it is practically certain that it was concerned in the attack on H.M.S. Ark Royal. H.M.S. Marigold attacked with depth charges. These forced the U-boat to the surface and it was at once engaged by gun- fire from the corvette. The crew of the U-boat took to the water as their vessel sank. Thirty-four survivors were picked up and are prisoners of war. H.M.S. Marigold was built by Hall, Russell and Co., of Aberdeen. U-BOAT SUNK PROBABLE ATTACKER OF ARK ROYAL.'

Sunk by torpedo from aircraft in the Gibraltar Straits 9th December 1942
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Royal Navy
length 190 3/6' x breadth 33 1/12' x depth 17 7/12'

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