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Two decks, three masts, ship rigged, round stern, clench built, no gallery, three quarters males figure, iron framework.
Fitted with donkey boiler and engine, steam condenser and steam windlass. Launched on the same tide as Duthie's BRILLIANT.

Subscribing Owners:
William Henderson & Cornelius Thompson (40 shares), George Thompson (4 shares), James Buyers (4 shares), shipowners of Aberdeen, James Largie, shipmaster (8 shares), James Greig, shipbuilder (4 shares), both Aberdeen, Isaac Merchant, shipowner, London (4 shares).

27/6/1890: James Largie dies. Shares to executors.
1904: Owner Leif Gundersen, Norway.
1911: Owner Pettersn & Ullenaess, Porsgrund.
1917: Owners Skipsaktieselskapet Ando, Kristiansand.
1918: Owners Christianssands Shipping Co., Kristiansand, renamed SJURSO.
1921: Owners Skipsaktieselskapet Otra V/Lars Jorgensen, Kristansand.
1923: Owners lars Frederisken, Oslo
Sept 1923: Demolished at Keil.

Aberdeen Journal, 18 July 1877:
Launched 16th July 1877 'by Miss Thompson, daughter of Mr Thompson, one of the partners of the firm for whom the ship was built. Built for Messrs. George Thompson Jnr. & Co.'s celebrated line of Australian clippers. To be commanded by Captain Largie, late of the 'Jerusalem'.

Reynold's Newspaper, 09/09/1877, Western Mail 21/09/1887:
Government emigration to New South Wales, passage Plymouth - Sydney. Ship PERICLES of Aberdeen to sail 17 Sept. (Signalled off The Lizard 20 Sept).

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, 25/08/1878:
Ship PERICLES, Capt. Largie, chartered by Agent General for New South Wales, sailed from Plymouth for Sydney 22 August with 441 emigrants under supervision of Dr. A. Booth, Surgeon Superintendent, with Miss Jones in charge of the single women.

Aberdeen Journal, 04/08/1879 & 05/08/1879:
PERICLES from Plymouth 31 July with 496 emigrants for Sydney, struck the ground at Pewares Point, harbour side of the Manacles rocks and remained 2 hours before she floated off under sail (grounding due to fog). Returned to Plymouth 4 August having sprung a leak.

Daily News, 07/08/1879:
PERICLES discharged passengers 6 Aug. at emigration depot, it having been deemed necessary to dock and overhaul her. Board of Trade Enquiry to be held.

Birmingham Daily Post, 29/08/1879:
PERICLES came out of drydock Tuesday and on Wednesday 491 emigrants re-embarked - 230 English, 119 Scotch, 142 Irish [17 November - report by telegram of arrival Sydney].

Sydney Evening News, 13/11/1879:
The immigrant vessel PERICLES, 1598 tons, which left Plymouth 29 August, has made an excellent run to the Australian Coast... passed Wilson's Promontary yesterday for Sydney 74 days out, all well. Should arrive in day or so if wind favourable.

Sydney Evening News, 18/11/1879:
Immigrant ship PERICLES still remains on quarantine. Fever patient progressing favourably and no further outbreak. Capt. Largie reports a 1 year old child died of paralysis. Married passengers have been allowed to go ashore with their luggage.

Aberdeen Journal, 21/01/1880 [from Sydney Morning Herald, 15 November]:
PERICLES, with Government emigrants, came into port with yellow flag flying and was quarantined because of mild case of typhoid fever 2 days before arrival, likely to be detained for a few days. Voyage successful, PERICLES maintaining her reputation as one of first rank of Australian clipper ships. Passengers look vigorous and healthy - 85 married couples, 59 single men, 105 single women, 145 children and 13 infants. Shipowners, George Thompson & Co., have paid all expenses of discharging and reloading cargo at Plymouth out of their own insurance fund.

Sydney Morning Herald, 09/02/1883:
PERICLES sailed for Calcutta 8 Feb.

Sydney Morning Herald, 10/01/1885:
PERICLES to sail 10 Dec. for San Francisco via Newcastle (N.S.W.)

Sydney Morning Herald, 30/07/1892:
Clipper ship PERICLES of Aberdeen Line passed Cape Otway yesterday 76 days out from London. After discharge of Sydney cargo will probably go on to Newcastle.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 20/10/1892:
The pretty clipper ship PERICLES completed stowing away of her large and valuable cargo of wool, will depart today for January sales with 7344 bales wool, 165 casks tallow, 86 bags horns, 93 bags hoofs, 83 bags bones, 8 bales hair and 1618 hides. Vessel in excellent trim and should make excellent passage home.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 21/10/1892:
The 1st of this season's wool fleet to leave Newcastle for London. A number of friends of Capt. Phillip were down to wish him a pleasant and swift voyage.

Northern Star [NSW], 10/06/1893:
Sailing along southern latitudes to Sydney PERICLES was struck by fierce squall which carried away her fore top gallant mast, but this was nothing compared to what happened 16 May. Sea was running at fearful height when one gigantic wave struck aft, broke over stern and landed with tremendous force on poop. Wheel, binnacle, rails, skylight and saloon hatch were all smashed. Tons of water filled saloon and passengers were swept from their berths. The 2 seamen at wheel were injured (one broken arm, the other frightfully cut and bruised). Capt. Phillip narrowly escaped being swept overboard and suffered broken collarbone and internal injuries. One delicate passenger died 2 days later and was buried at sea.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 12/02/1895:
PERICLES cleared for London with 7823 bales wool and 4 bales basils. Capt. Phillip will no doubt give a good account of the voyage home.

Newcastle Herald, 08/06/1900:
Advice of death of Capt. William Phillip, Sen., at Aberdeen 30 April. He commanded various vessels in the Aberdeen Line for 40 years and had large circle of friends in the colonies. His last command was clipper ship PERICLES.

Western Australian, 17/07/1900:
Just before PERICLES reached Cape of Good Hope en route for Sydney, John James while aloft at night on upper main topmast fell into sea and was lost.

In 1904, Pericles was sold to Leif Gundersen, Porsgrund, Norway and rigged as a barque.
Owned by Pettersen & Ulleneaess, Porsgrund in 1911.

Sold to Christiansands Shipping Co. in 1916 and renamed SJURSO.

In December 1921 SJURSO was sold by Skibs. A/S Otra, Christansand to Mr Lars Frederiksen, Christiana.

September 1923, scrapped at Kiel.

Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 260' x breadth 39' x depth 23'
gross tonnage 1598 ton

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