Official Number
Date of Build/Launch: June 1872
Owner: R. Connon and Co.

Type: Sailing

Subsequent Names: J. M. GILDEMEISTER

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered Aberdeen 03/07/1872. 2 poop decks and forecastle, 3 masts, three-quarter male figurehead.
Original Owners: Richard Connon and Richard Dyer, Shipowners (32 shares jointly); George Milne, Banker (8); Robert Phillips, Shipmaster (8) [all Aberdeen]; James Wood, Merchant, Banff (8); Alexander Lang Elder, Merchant, London (8).
19/06/1875: On death of A. R. Dyer 14/06/1875, 32 shares Connon & Dyer - Connon.
06/04/1876: Elder 8 shares - Robert Barr Smith, Merchant, Adelaide, S. Australia.
26/09/1876: Wood 8 shares - Milne.
21/04/1879: Phillips 8 shares mortgage to secure £326 to Charles Cavendish Russel Fisher, Gentleman, Surrey (discharged 29/03/1880).
16/06/1881: On death of Richard Connon 03/06/1878, 32 shares to Executor George Milne (other owners now Robert Phillips and Robert Barr Smith).
24/06/1881: Certificate cancelled - vessel sold to foreigners (Germany).

Lloyd's Register:
1873-4, 1876-7: Owners R. Connon & Co, Master Phillips, Destined voyage Australia.
1877-8, 1878-9, 1879-80: Master Cummings.
1880-1, 1881-2: Owners J. Aiken Jr & Co, Master J. Colville. Port belonging to Aberdeen.
1882-3: Name changed to J. W. GILDEMEISTER (1883), owners G. Gildemeister and Ries. Port belonging to Bremen. Master A. Lehmann. Survey Mauritius, 5/82.
1888-9: As 1882-3.
1890-1: Master G. Meyer. Wrecked c.1891.

South Australian Chronicle (Adelaide), 14/02/1874:
Capt. Simpson presented Capt. Phillips of the MONALTRIE with testimonial for placing her at disposal of the committee as flagship for regatta. Capt. Phillips said that if in after years he was spared to settle quietly down in the north east corner of Scotland, every time he looked at the cup and salver would remind him of day of regatta in Jan, 1874.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 20/08/1936:
Mr & Mrs Alexander Harper celebrated their golden wedding. Mr. Harper, who was an orchardist at Golden Grove for 45 years, was born in Parish of Dunnottar, Scotland. He made 2 trips to Australia in the ship MONALTRIE and on second occasion he deserted his ship while she was loading at Port Adelaide in 1874 or 1875.

South Australian register (Adelaide), 20/03/1875:
17 March - John Errickson, seaman, pleaded guilty to deserting ship MONALTRIE (warrent issued before departure of ship) - £1 and costs or 1 month hard labour.

Maitland Mercury, 15/09/1877:
Adelaide - ship MONALTRIE is aground, but is expected to float off without too much damage.

South Australian Chronicle, 13/10/1877:
Marine Board met 8 Oct. to investigate grounding of MONALTRIE in the port stream 11 Sept. Ship's master said tug ELEANOR towed her to the North Arms. A smaller tug, SOPHIA, took her in tow 11 Sept. and she grounded off Maclaren Wharf. Master said he had no fault to find with pilot Germein. SOPHIA gave her 2 or 3 jerks, but could not get her off. Pilot said wind strengthened as she passed Marden's Point (and other ships passing) and water was so shallow that ship did not answer her helm as quickly as she ought. Had the larger tug ELEANOR been provided by the tug company, ship would have been in port before high water. Board censured pilot for removing ship with a tug of such small power as SOFIA and cautioned him to be more careful in future. Captain reported no injury to ship's bottom.

South Australian Advertiser, 26/10/1877:
Police Court, Port Adelaide, 25 Oct. Lawrence Shakesby, William Burns and William Mehan, seamen of ship MONALTRIE, charged with disobeying lawful demands of their superior officer on 23 Oct. First two (who pleaded guilty) sentenced to 2 weeks gaol, third (who pleaded not guilty) 1 month.

Aberdeen Journal, 01/03/1878:
MONALTRIE, ship, from Adelaide for Liverpool, Lat. 46S, Long. 30W [South Atlantic north of S. Georgia].

South Australian Advertiser, 15/02/1879:
London, 11 Feb. - MONALTRIE, ship arrived from Port Adelaide (left 11 November).

South Australian Advertiser, 12/03/1880:
London 9 March - MONALTRIE arrived from Port Augusta (South Australia) - left 10 November.

South Australian Register, 20/01/1881:
MONALTRIE, the last wool ship for the season, was towed out today by tug FLINDERS. She took south Australian produce consisting of 980 bags copper ore, 564 bags flour, 1224 bags wheat, 3480 bales greasy wool and 653 bales scoured wool. Total declared value of the cargo £65,875.

South Australian Register, 10/05/1881:
London 4 May - MONALTRIE arrived from Port Augusta (sailed 19 January).

Belfast Newsletter, 03/10/1891:
The Pacific Mail arrived at San Francisco and brought news of the German ship GILDEMEISTER, which was wrecked in Dianema Bay. Crew were saved.

length 211 5/6' x breadth 34 5/6' x depth 20 5/12'
gross tonnage 1048 tons

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