Type: Sailing
Yard Number: 181
Owner: Henty & Co., New South Wales

Builder's List:
Owners John Cook & Henry Reid, London (Shipbrokers?); Port of Registry Portland, New South Wales; Contract £5,870, £11.10.0 per ton.

Named after Francis Henty (1815-89), the youngest son of Thomas and Frances Elizabeth Henty, born in West Tarring, Sussex, England. At the age of 17 he travelled to Launceston with his parents. Two years later he followed his brother Edward to Portland, becoming Victoria's second settler and reputedly the first to bring merino sheep across to the Port Phillip District. After his marriage to Mary Ann Lawrence in Launceston in 1842, Henty settled at Merino Downs in the Western District. [State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia].

A painting of "Francis Henty" appears in the book "Early Painters of Australia,1788-1880" by Shar Jones. This painting was done by Thomas Robertson, a Melbourne artist, whilst the vessel was at Portland Bay, Victoria, sometime in 1858.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1852, 1853, 1856: Owners Henty & Co.; Port belonging to New South Wales; Master Cairn Cross; Destined Voyage Aberdeen-Australia.
1857, 1858, 1863-4, 1867-8, 1869-70: Destined Voyage London-Australia.
1870-1: No reference.

Melbourne Argus, 29/07/1852:
New ship FRANCIS HENTY to leave England for Portland Bay [Victoria] with despatch.

Hull Packet & East Riding Times, 18/03/1853:
The ship "FRANCIS HENTY" from Port Philip [Melbourne] has arrived off Plymouth with 65,166 ounces of gold or more than a quarter of a million steriling.

Hull Packet & East Riding Times, 13/01/1854:
The ship "FRANCIS HENTY" of London, Captain Cairncross, 85 days from Melbourne, arrived Plymouth Friday. She brings home 66,800 ounces of gold, besides a quantity in the hands of her passengers, who express the greatest confidence in the gold fields. No passenger by this ship brings home less than £1000. One of them has 3,000 ounces of gold.

Cornwall Chronicle (Tasmania), 16/02/1856:
Ship FRANCIS HENTY left Liverpool 26 November and arrived Portland 8th February.

Colonial Times, Hobart, 05/04/1856:
Favourite Aberdeen clipper ship FRANCIS HENTY arrived at Melbourne Heads yesterday from Portland. She will take in gold and passengers and proceed at once on her homeward voyage. As there is no mail ship on the berth, this offers only present opportunity to send letters to Europe.

Geelong Advertiser, 15/04/1856:
FRANCIS HENTY about to sail for London and judging from former voyages is likely to make rapid passage.

Bendigo Advertiser (Victoria), 28/01/1859:
FRANCIS HENTY arrived Melbourne 27th January from Plymouth.

Leeds Mercury, 02/07/1859:
The ship "FRANCIS HENTY" arrived at Plymouth yesterday in 87 days from Melbourne.

South Australian Advertiser, 14/03/1860:
FRANCIS HENTY sailed from Portland, 13th March for London.

Maitland Mercury (NSW), 30/04/1863:
FRANCIS HENTY, 432 tons, master Cairncross, arrived Newcastle 29th April from Otago (New Zealand South Island).

Bendigo Advertiser, 17/07/1863:
FRANCIS HENTY sailed 16th July from Port Philip Heads (Melbourne) for Twofold Bay.

Sydney Morning Herald, 07/07/1864:
FRANCIS HENTY master Cairncross, sailed from Newcastle 5th July for melbourne with 560 tons of coal.

Portland Guardian (Victoria), 06/06/1929:
In 1864 ship FRANCIS HENTY made three voyages to New Zealand with sheep.

Bendigo Advertiser, 06/12/1865:
FRANCIS HENTY sailed from Port Philip Heads 5th December for Auckland (NZ).

Sydney Morning Herald, 16/05/1860:
FRANCIS HENTY arrived Melbourne from San Francisco (14th March).

Bendigo Advertiser, 26/10/1866:
FRANCIS HENTY arrived Port Philip Heads 24th October from Chile.

South Australian Register, 07/11/1866:
FRANCIS HENTY sailed 4th November for Guam.

Cornwall Chronicle, 24/04/1867:
FRANCIS HENTY arrived Queenscliff, Victoria, 16th April from Mauritius.

Melbourne Argus. 13/01/1868:
FRANCIS HENTY, master John Torrance, arrived Melbourne from Foo-chow-foo, 24th November.

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/05/1868:
The smart little clipper ship FRANCIS HENTY, which left Mellbourne early February for Calcutta with horses made a very good passage of 53 days and delivered her stock in fine condition. Only one horse was lost on voyage.

Sydney Morning Herald, 28/07/1868:
FRANCIS HENTY, master Quayle, arrived Newcastle, 25th July from Melbourne.

Sydney Morning Herald, 22/01/1874:
FRANCIS HENTY arrived Newcastle 21st January from Melbourne, master Beer.
A. HALL & Co.
length 153.7' x breadth 25.5' x depth 16.6'
gross tonnage 432 tons

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