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1 deck and a poop deck, 3 masts, ship rigged, altered to barque 5/1/1877, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, shield figurehead.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Original managing owner: Mr Tulloch
Subsequent owners in 1880 McIlwraith, McEacharn & Co.

Aberdeen Journal, 8 January 1862:
'She is fitted up with the latest patents, including Cunningham's reefing topsail, patent distilling apparatus.' 'To be commanded by Captain Taylor, formerly of the Margaret Edward.'

Originally for London - Australia trade, then in 1872 London to Shanghai, 1873 London to India.

Owner 1877-1878 [March]: James Tulloch, Aberdeen.
Owner 1878 [April] - 1881: McIlwriath MacEacharn [The Scottish Line].

Voyage 23/02/1877-04/03/1878: London - Shanghai - Nagasaki - Shanghai - London. Captain George Scale [26415]. First mate James Fraser [92418] Aberdeen. Second mate James Thom [02682] Aberdeen.

Voyage 01/05/1878-03/09/1878: London to Cleveland Bay, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
Captain George Scale [26415]. First mate James Fraser [92418].

Voyage 16/10/1878-02/081879: Townsville - Newcastle NSW - Colombo - Galle - Colombo - London. Captain George Scale [26415] First Mate James Fraser [92418].

Voyage 09/09/1879-14/06/1880: London - Rockhampton - London. Carried twelve passengers. Captain James Fraser [92418] First mate John Dowll [26218] Shetland.

Voyage 15/08/1880-01/12/1880: London to Brisbane. Captain James Fraser [92418].

Voyage 08/02/1881-01/06/1881: Brisbane to London. Captain James Fraser [92418].

1889: Sold to Norwegian owners.
1891: Renamed Louis.
1893: Abandoned on voyage from Halifax N.S to Barry, Wales at 42.27N 52W.

[Additional details courtesy of Mr G. Fraser Morrison great grandson of the above Captain James Fraser]

Aberdeen Journal, 19/2/1862:
Marriage - at Bon Accord, Cove, Nigg, Alexander H. Taylor, commander of ship CITY OF ABERDEEN, to Jean Fettes, 2nd daughter of John Hector, esq., Cove.

Daily News (London), 5/11/1863:
Hong Kong & Whampoa - to sail punctually 1 Dec., magnificent Aberdeen built clipper ship CITY OF ABERDEEN, A! 14 years, 551 tons register, A.H. Taylor commander, loading in East India docks. This splendid vessel, built last year by Messrs. John Duthie sons & Co., especially for the China trade, is unequalled by any vessel now loading for her high class & model. Has magnificent accommodation.

Dundee Courier, 2/11/1870:
Ship CITY OF ABERDEEN, Clarke, on voyage from Sydney N.S.W. for Shanghai, touched on a coral reef in the pacific. She has been in dry-dock and one length of her keel was found to be off & a few sheets of metal ripped. Same has been renewed & the vessel placed afloat again.

Maitland Mercury (NSW), 28/4/1883:
London - ship CITY OF ABERDEEN, bound Calcutta - London, collided at midnight on Tuesday with ship BRITISH COMMERCE, 1470 tons, bound London - Melbourne. Weather was thick at the time of collision. BRITISH COMMERCE sank immediately, 25 persons on board being drowned. The captain & Boatswain were saved by clamboring aboard CITY OF ABERDEEN, which was severely injured & towed into Portsmouth. [Thus collision was in the English Channel]
length 154' x breadth 29' x depth 18'
tonnage 551 tons

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