Launched 28th July 1815

Builder unknown

1 flush deck, 2 masts, brig rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no figurehead.

Subscribing Owners in 1824: Alexander Gibbon, Merchant, 8 shares; William Laurie, Clerk, 8 shares; John Reid, Shipmaster, 8 shares.

Other Owners: Alexander Bannerman, William Pirie, William Reid, George Storey, William Johnston, all Merchants, all from Aberdeen, 8 shares each.

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))
(No. 29 in Register of Shipping at Aberdeen City Archives)

Aberdeen Shipping Register of 1836 Entry No. 54 states that the ship was re-registered having been enlarged by Nicol Reid, Shipbuilder, Aberdeen.

Subscribing Owners in 1836: Peter Johnston, Merchant, 48 shares; John Reid, Shipmaster, 16 shares; both Aberdeen.

Registration cancelled after 1851.

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1823: Classified by Lloyds as A1
1823: Master J. Reid; Owners Gibbon & Co; Route London/Coastal
1824/1831: Master J. Reid; Owners Gibbon & Co; Route London/Coastal
1832/33: No longer Listed in Lloyd's Register of Shipping

NOTE During 1825/26 listed in Lloyd's as Second Class

07-10-1858: Struck Siccar Rock and sank 2 miles east of Berwick. Cargo coal.
(Source: 'Off Scotland' by Ian Whittaker)

Aberdeen Journal, 25/04/1821:
For public roup Aberdeen 27 April, one eighth of brig WATERLOO, of Aberdeen, John Reid Master, belonging to sequestered estate of John Gill, shipbuilder in Aberdeen. She is employed in the coasting trade, about 96 tons register, was built of the best materials about 5 years ago.

Dundee Courier, 10/03/1846:
High seas and tempestuous gale - brig WATERLOO, of Aberdeen, sustained considerable damage in the tide harbour, Dundee.

Aberdeen Journal, 03/11/1847:
Hull, 20 Oct. - WATERWITCH arrived from London this morning, reports that at 6 this morning at entrance to humber she observed brig WATERLOO, of Aberdeen, with topmasts carried away, at anchor, with signal hoisted for assistance. Capt. Gibson took her in tow and brought her here safe.

Aberdeen Journal, 03/10/1849:
Aberdeen Bailie Court - complaint by Charles Smith, a pilot, against Mr Calder, owner of brig WATERLOO, on 21 Sept. Mr Mackenzie, Master of brig WATERLOO, left vessel in the bay in charge of Smith with directions not to bring her into harbour. He returned between 9 and 10 and told crew of pilot boat that WATERLOO must enter harbour on account of her leaky state. Pilot boat went out with these instructions to Smith, who brought vessel in. Later Mr Mackenzie came again with additional hands and said (too late) that it would not be necessary to bring the vessel in. Mr Calder refused payment of £1 to Mr Smith on grounds he had disobeyed orders. Capt. Morrison gave opinion it would have been almost impossible to have kept the brig at sea, considering the state of the wind and the vessel's leaky condition. Mr Calder agreed to pay the pilot 16 shillings.

Aberdeen Journal, 25/08/1858:
For public roup in Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 3 Sept., brig WATERLOO, of Aberdeen, 91 tons register. Upset price will be made so low as to ensure a sale. Vessel is lying in Aberdeen Harbour, where she may be seen and inventories of stores will be exhibited. Particulars from James and George Collie.

Newcastle Courant, 15/10/1858:
Berwick, 7 Oct. - brig WATERLOO, of Inverness, from Hartlepool for Grangemouth with coals, sunk off here this afternoon.
length 63.5' x breadth 19.1' x depth 10.3'
gross tonnage 96 tons

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