Official Number
Official Number: 60702

Launched in March 1870
Registered at Aberdeen 31 March 1870

Description: 4 decks, main, tween, half poop and a top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, demi female figurehead.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

Subsequent Names: EDWARDINA. Renamed in 1902. (Source: 'The Tea Clippers' by David MacGregor)

Initial owners Alexander Nicol, managing owner, merchant 52 shares, James Buyers, shipowner, 4 shares, Andrew Mearns, shipmaster, 8 shares - all of Aberdeen.
13 July 1870: Nicol sold 4 shares to William Shepherd, shipmaster, Aberdeen.
29 May 1871: Nicol sold 4 more shares to Shepherd.
8 March 1872: Nicol sold 4 shares to William Scott Garriock, shipmaster, Lerwick, Shetland.
23 May 1873: Nicol bought back 4 shares from Shepherd.
23 January 1879: 2 shares sold to Ann Garriock, spinster, Lerwick by Wm. Garriock.
15 May 1880: 2 shares sold to Frank Russell Fisher, shipowner, London by Wm. Garriock.
20 September 1880: Ann Garriock's shares sold to Fisher.
12 February 1881: After the death of Alexander Nicol (5 May 1880) joint ownership now with John Blaikie Nicol, shipowner, and Alexander Christie, both of Aberdeen.
1890-91: Barque rigged
1897-98: Sold to B. J. Tornigren, Solvesborg, Sweden. Renamed EDWARDINA.

1871-72: Mearns (owner of 8 shares) - destined voyage New Zealand
1884-85: J. Mills
1894-95: J. Hutcheson

2 April 1906: EDWARDINA wrecked near Nosara on voyage Guayaquil - Punta Arenas with cargo of rosewood and cedar.

Sydney Empire, 09/06/1870:
Messrs Walter Hood & Co. Aberdeen, launched on 17 March a fine clipper ship named LEUCADIA... she is owned by Proudst Nicol. To be commanded by Captain Mearns, late of the ASSYRIA, and is to take the berth in Messrs Shaw, Savill & Co.’s line of packets for Otago [NZ].

Newcastle Chronicle, 19/11/1870:
Re. recent southerly gale, writer in your paper claimed steam tug SOUTHLAND was alongside LEUCADIA but did not tow her out. Writer of this letter states the tug did tow LEUCADIA to sea and clear of all danger. [Sydney Empire 02/12/1870 states LEUCADIA was bound for Shanghai with 1000 tons coal].

Aberdeen Journal, 30/07/1873:
Last July Board of Trade hurried off to Australia on merest surmise that Aberdeen clipper LEUCADIA, commanded by Captain Mearns, had run down a collier. Barque JANE GRAY, from Tyne to Barcelona with coals, was run down off Portland and sank within 10 minutes, Captain and crew took to the boats and called for vessel which had struck here to stand by, but she held her course. After being picked up by American vessel, they saw a ship off the Lizard and apparently under repair. She looked like LEUCADIA, which they had been moored near in Portland Roads. Marine Dept. sent to Sydney to have enquiry held on LEUCADIA's arrival. It found that at time JANE GRAY was run down LEUCADIA 200-230 miles from the position.

Sydney Empire, 12/07/1873:
LEUCADIA, 896 tons, Mearns departed Sydney 26 June for Shanghai.

Aberdeen Journal, 18/02/1874:
LEUCADIA, ship, from Shanghai to London, spoken 7 Dec. 19S, 85E.

Dundee Courier, 03/05/1875:
LEUCADIA, of Aberdeen, from London to OTAGO, spoken 17 March 17S, 31W, 33 days out.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 23/01/1878:
Off Torbay 19 Jan. - LEUCADIA, Mearns, from London to Wellington, N.Z. landed pilot. [Sydney Morning Herald 03/07/1878, LEUCADIA arrived Sydney form Wellington].

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 09/11/1880:
LEUCADIA, British ship, New Zealand - London, spoken 27 Aug. 52S, 91W.

Sydney Morning herald, 13/09/1883:
Water Police Court - Joseph Egan, 23, for being disorderly aboard ship LEUCADIA, lying at Grafton Wharf, fine 5 shillings; for assaulting the Captain, John Mills, sent to gaol for 4 weeks and for using obscene language in George Street 60 shillings or 1 month's imprisonment.

South Australian Register (Adelaide), 02/10/1883:
Ship LEUCADIA, lying at Newcastle Wharf loading wool for England, was hit in thick mist by steamer LUBRA entering harbour. Little damage.

Sydney Morning Herald, 18/09/1890:
LEUCADIA, well known ship in Australian trade, arrived Adelaide from Laurvig under command of Alexander Gray, Chief Officer, owing to Master's indisposition. He had been unwell for some time, but on 21 Aug. very heavy gale was blowing when a fearful sea swept over vessel's poop, smashing everything before it. Whether sudden shock had anything to do with master's nervous system is not known, but from that time he has been in only a semi-conscious state.
A Nicol & Co., Aberdeen
length 195' x breadth 33' 9" x depth 20' 5"
gross tonnage 896 ton

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