Official Number
Type: Sailing
Yard Number: 219
Date of Build/Launch: August 1860
Owner: John Robertson & Co., London

Builder's List:
Contract £13,786

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1861: Owners Robertson & Co.; Port belonging to London; Master Ryrie; Destined Voyage Aberdeen - China
1864-64, 1867-68: Destined Voyage London - China
1869-70, 1870-71: Master Atkinson; Destined Voyage London - Australia
1875-76: Master Croft
1881-82: Master O. J. Arnold

MacGregor, "The Tea Clippers":
One of fleet of Jardine, Matheson & Co. - John Robertson her managing owner in England. Frederick Paton (served in her 1865-70) wrote she "was a very fast vessel, as good as the fastest [tea clippers] except perhaps ARIEL and SPINDRIFT. We were 7 days in company with TEIPING once and ten days with SIR LANCELOT. Their Captains drove them harder in strong winds. I do not think they owned any shares in them, whereas Captain Ryrie was quite a large owner in FLYING SPUR and nursed her".
1865-6 Tea Season - 130 days Foochow - London.
Her fastest passage from China was 116 days made after retiral of Ryrie 1867. On 13 February 1881 she stranded on Martin Vas, North Rock in South Atlantic, having aboard cargo of coal and crew of 18 (compared to 36 in her days as tea clipper). She later drifted ashore.

Australian Newspapers Online:

Perth Gazette and West Australian Times, 16/11/1866:
Great Ship Race from China: the arrival on Sept 6 in the downs, off Deal, of three of the nine clipper ships engaged in a great ocean race from China created much interest in the city. FLYING SPUR, 731 tons, sailed June 5, 7 days after the first ship. The ships were laden with the first cargo of teas of the season - additional freight of 10 shillings per ton allowed to first ship arriving in dock. The ARIEL and TAEPING, which had lost sight of each other for 70 days, found themselves on Sept 5 off the Lizard running neck and neck up the Channel under every stitch of canvas that could be set (TAEPING just ahead). The distance, 14060 miles, was run in 99 days. [No ref. in this report to FLYING SPUR'S time, but quotes her 1865 time as 131 days (placed 5th - winning time 109 days, FIERY CROSS].

Brisbane Courier, 26/12/1867:
1867 Tea Race: FLYING SPUR 4th (116 days with 49,710 lbs tea). First was ARIEL (102 days, 1,283,000 lbs tea).

Melbourne Argus, 13/01/1869:
Run home from Foochow with new season teas in invariably regarded as the Great Race, the crucial test of a ship's capability... clipper SPINDRIFT was the winner last year having been out 15 1/2 hours less than her competitors, though amongst these were ARIEL, the TAEPING, the BLACK PRINCE, the FLYING SPUR and others equally famous.

A. HALL & Co., Aberdeen
length 184.7' x breadth 31.4' x depth 19.4'
gross tonnage 735 tons

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