Official Number
Launched in August 1866


Decks 4 - main, tween, break, top gallant forecastle. 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no gallery, figurehead demi female.

Owners: William Henderson, George Thompson Younger, Cornelius Thompson, all Aberdeen, Stephen Thompson, London, all shipowners - joint 44 shares. Christiana Little Kidd or Thompson, spouse of George Thompson Jnr., of Pitmedden, 4 shares; James Buyers, Shipowner 4 shares; Alexander Nicol, Shipowner 4 shares; Robert Murray, Shipmaster, 4 shares; all Aberdeen.
Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives)

Passage times carrying wool:
Sydney Jan 19th 1883 arrived London May 12th 1883, 113 days out
Sydney Dec 29th 1883 arrived London April 21st 1884, 113 days out
Sydney Dec 6th 1884 arrived London March 27th 1885, 111 days out

Sold to Norwegian owners and renamed BEATRICE LINES. Wrecked near Umra in Norway on 7 October 1899.

Sydney Morning Herald, 30/01/1867:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, ship, 1079 tons, Murray, arrived 17 January, 82 days from the Downs.

Sydney Morning Herald, 02/04/1867:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, ship, cleared Sydney for London 1 April, Capt. Murray.

Sydney Empire, 20/12/1867:
Fine Aberdeen clipper ship CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, which arrived yesterday from London, is one of latest additions to the extensive fleet of 1st class merchantmen owned by George Thomson Jnr. & Co. of Aberdeen. During her brief career in the Australian trade she has gained for herself high reputation for rapid passages. On this voyage 81 days to Tasmania, but from thence protracted by light baffling winds. CHRISTIANA THOMPSON is commanded by Captain Murray, long and popularly known in charge of DAMASCUS and who has now accomplished his 14th consecutive voyage from London to Sydney.

Bendigo Advertister (Victoria), 02/10/1868:
Arrived Sydney around 30th Sept. CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, Capt. Murray, sailed from London 11 July and Torbay 13 July.

Sydney Empire, 04/07/1870:
Fine Aberdeen clipper ship CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, Capt. Murray, came in Saturday after fine passage from London. Departed Gravesend 4 April, passed Falmouth 9th, crossed equator 3 May and meridian of Cape of Good Hope 29 May, where very unsettled weather experienced and high seas. Thence had the usual weather, ran down the easting in 42S. Since passing Cape Lewis had strong winds and heavy rain. Passed Cape Otway 25 and had very strong winds though Straits. Passed Cape Howe 27th. This ship has been within 100 miles of the Sydney Heads for last 3 days, being detained by WNW and SW gales.

Sydney Morning Herald, 20/04/1872:
Sydney Water Police Court - Charles Wilkins was sent to gaol for 7 days for being absent from ship CHRISTIANA THOMPSON without leave.

Sydney Empire. 02/12/1873:
Ship CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, from London, cleared English Channel 1 Sept. Crossed Equator 30 Sept. and had good SE trades to 30 degrees south. Passed meridian of Cape of Good Hope 27 Oct. and ran the Easting Down between 44 and 45 South. On 16 September, in the NE trades, Charles Fordham, AB, fell from maintop gallant yard into sea and was not seen afterwards. Ship was going at rate of 10 knots. CHRISTIANA THOMPSON arrived in fine order and is still under command of Capt. Murray.

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/12/1874:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, Capt. Murray, cleared sydney 19 Dec. for London, cargo 3746 bales wool, 6 bales skins, 44 bales cotton, 19 bales leather, 4758 ingots and 444 slabs tin, 9400 ingot copper, 295 cases meat, 187 casks tallow, 1280 hides.

Sydney Morning Herald, 05/05/1878:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, ship, Capt. Murray, from the Downs 22 Dec.

Sydney Morning Herald, 30/08/1878:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, Murray, cleared 15 Aug. for London. Cargo - 584 bales wool, 527 casks tallow, 6467 ingots tin, 6197 ingots copper, 2316 hides, 2964 casks preserved meat, 63 bales leather, 3547 bags and quantity of bulk copra, 12 casks gum, 397 bags regulus, 11 casks and 97 bags antimony, 27 packages hide cuttings, 35 bales rags, 6 bales glue pieces, 10968 horns, 1 case tortoiseshell, quantity of bones and hooves.

Sydney Morning Herald, 16/01/1883:
CHRISTIANA THOMPSON, ship, Capt. R. Murray, cleared 18 Jan. for London.

Sydney Morning Herald, 01/02/1886:
Projected departures 1 February - CHRISTIANA THOMPSON for London.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 203 5/6' x breadth 35 1/6' x depth 21 7/12'
gross tonnage 1079 tons

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