Date of Build/Launch: 1 July 1819 (No. 45 in Aberdeen Register of Shipping)
Re-registered: 1825 (No. 143 in Aberdeen Register of Shipping)

1 deck, 1 mast, smack rigged, running bowsprit, square stern,carvel built, no figurehead.

Wm Thomson, Merchant
John Gibbon, Merchant
Andrew Simpson, Merchant
plus George Lyall, George Henry, John Johnston, all Merchants
all were Trustees for Aberdeen & Hull Shipping Company
Master: Alec Allan
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Sold to David Buchan, Blacksmith, in Aberdeen on 4 May 1832.

1833: Master J. Finlay; Owner D. Buchan; Voyage Lynn Coasting
1839-40: Master J. Berwick; Owner Capt & Co.; Voyage Leith Coasting (now registered in Leith)
1841-43: Master J. Berwick; Owner Capt & Co.; Voyage Clyde - Rouen
1844-45: Master J. Berwick; Owner Capt & Co.; Voyage Leith Coasting
1846: Master J. Berwick; Owner J. Berwick; Voyage Leith Coasting
1847: No trace in Lloyd's Register
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Aberdeen Journal, 15/03/1820:
Smack, FOX, Allan Master, for Hull, was obliged to cut from both cables near mouth of Humber and was driven ashore at North Summer Coats on Lincolnshire coast. Vessel immediately sank among the sand almost to the level with the decks and with greatest difficulty crew got on shore. Greatest part of cargo and all the stores saved, but much damaged.

Aberdeen Journal, 25/07/1827: To be sold by auction in Brown & Sons Sale Room, Union St. quantity of locks, castors, nails and hoops partly damaged, on board the FOX, hull smack and belonging to a sequestered estate.

Caledonian Mercury, 21/07/1828:
On 9 July smack FOX, of Aberdeen, Gilbertson Master, picked up the boat containing the crew of the brig FAIR TRADER, of Yarmouth, which went down close to the FOX, wind N to NE, blowing very bad and a heavy sea, Captain Gibertson put the crew aboard a schooner bound for London.

length 59'4" x breadth 19'4" x depth 10'1"
gross tonnage 91 55/94 tons

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