Owner: Robert Gibbon, Arthur Gibbon, Wm. Gibbon

1819: Licenced East India Company to T. L. Reid, Fort William, Calcutta Trading Station, India. Owner R. Gibbon, Captain J. Frazier, route London to Bombay.
1821: Master T. Reed, owner R. Gibbon, route Cork.
1831: Master J. Ord, owner R. Gibbon, route London to Calcutta.

Caledonian Mercury, 30/03/1818:
Ship CASTLE FORBES, Fraser Master, 440 tons register, launched from building yard of Robert Gibbon & Sons, Aberdeen, sailed from there Wednesday last on her way to Bombay via London. She is the first ship built at Aberdeen for the trade to India.

Sydney Gazette, 5/2/1820:
Ship CASTLE FORBES, Captain Reid, brings from Ireland 140 male prisoners, all in good health.

Hobart Town Gazette [Tasmania], 4/3/1820:
The male convicts arrived per ship CASTLE FORBES were landed this morning. 130 were landed at Hobart Town, which were inspected by his honour the Lieutenant Governor & the Hon. the Commissioner of enquiry and a large portion assigned to he service of the settlers. The remaining 50 were landed at Kangaroo Point, destined for Port Dalrymple. The whole of them landed in a state of perfect health & order.

Aberdeen Journal, 03/10/1821:
Stromness [Orkney] Sept. 17 - ship CASTLE FORBES left 8th Sept. with a fine gale of wind from South East. She got a supply of poultry and fresh water.

Sydney Gazette, 26/4/1822:
Ship CASTLE FORBES, captain Ord, arrived with a cargo of particularly valuable merchandise. Sailed Leith 27 August last, called at Cape of Good Hope, which she left 3 January & arrived at Hobart Town 1 March with 76 passengers aboard.

Sydney Gazette, 14/6/1822:
Ship CASTLE FORBES, captain Ord, sailed from Sydney to Hobart Town, intending to return shortly.

Morning Chronicle, 20/11/1822:
Letters have been received from Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] from settlers who went out from Leith in August last year by ship CASTLE FORBES. Giving most favourable accounts of the rising colony.

Hobart Town Gazette, 14/12/1822:
Arrived Hobart from Port Jackson [NSW], left 3 December, ship CASTLE FORBES, and captain Ord, with 8 horses & 8 passengers.

Caledonian Mercury, 28/06/1823:
The ship CASTLE FORBES, which left Leith about 18 months ago with goods and passengers for Van Diemen's Land, arrived in the Thames beginning of this month, all well, with a cargo from Hobart Town and Sydney. The CASTLE FORBES left Sydney in February and had a passage home of 4 months and 5 days.

Caledonian Mercury, 17/01/1825:
[Confession of Alex Pierce of murder and cannibalism]. In the 26th year of my age I was convicted of stealing six pairs of shoes and received sentence to be transported for seven years. I arrived in Van Diemen's Land on board the ship CASTLE FORBES from Sydney.

Details of convict transportation to Australia, from the Warren Register of Colonial Tall Ships:

1st voyage: carried 140 male convicts to Australia and had no deaths en-route. Landed 136 male convicts at Hobart and four male convicts at Sydney. Departed Cork, Ireland on the 3rd of October 1819 and arrived Sydney on the 27th of January 1820. Sailed for Hobart, Arriving there on the 1st of March 1820. Master: Captain Thomas Reid. Surgeon: J. Scott.

2nd voyage: carried 140 male convicts to Sydney and had one death en-route. Departed Cork, Ireland on the 28th of September 1823 and arrived in Sydney on the 15th of January 1824. Master: Captain John W. Ord. Surgeon: Matthew Anderson.
length 106'7" x breadth 31' x depth 14'
tonnage 443 tons

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