Official Number
Rig: SHIP / BARQUE (1874)

Converted to a hulk at Thursday Island and broken up in 1895.

Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered 16/11/1855; 2 decks, 3 masts, ship rigged (changed to barque, August 1874), full length female figurehead.
Original Owners: George Thompson Jr., William Henderson, Stephen Thompson, Shipowners, Aberdeen (jointly 40/64); Walter Hood, Shipbuilder (4/64); James Buyers, Shipowner (4/64) [both Aberdeen]; Hugh Sproat, Shipmaster, Kirkcudbright (16/64).
03/06/1863: On death of Walter Hood intestate 4 shares to Anne Hood, Spinster, Aberdeen.
31/05/1864: On death of Hugh Sproat 4 shares to William Caie Mitchell, Shipmaster, Aberdeen, 12 shares to Thomas Henry, Master Mariner, Chelsea.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1857, 1858: Master H. Sproat; Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1859: Master J. Jamieson; Destined Voyage London - China.
1865-66, 1870-71: Master Mitchell, Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1873-74, 1874-75: Master R. Boaden; Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1875-76: Owners W. Jamieson & Co.; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Master R. Boaden.
1877-78, 1878-79: Master J. Laird; Barque.
1880-81: Owner T. Grice; Port belonging to London; Master J. Laird.
1882-83, 1884-85: Owners R. Grice & J. Benn; Port belonging to Melbourne; Master Webster.
1887-88, 1890-91: Owners Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd; Port belonging to Sydney; Master Webster.
1892-93: Owners Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd; Port belonging to Sydney; Master Webster; now a Hulk.
1895-96: No reference.

Australian Historic Newspapers (http://ndpbeta.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home):
Image No. 66720 (several images from State Libaries of Queensland & Victoria).

Lubbock, 'The Colonial Clippers':
Star of Peace was fastest of earlier White Star clippers and made 4 consecutive passages to Sydney of 77, 77, 79 and 79 days under the redoutable Captain Sproat. She was a very rakish looking craft. In 1873 Captain Boaden left Star of Peace to take Samuel Plimsoll. After being run for some years by Burns, Philp & Co. of Sydney she was converted into a Hulk at Thursday Island, being only broken up 1895.

Caledonian Mercury, 22/07/1856:
The new ship STAR OF PEACE, one of the regular Aberdeen clipper line sailing between London and Sydney, left Plymouth 31 January, crossed equator 19 February, rounded Cape of Good Hope 43 days out and was off Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] 9 April, thence to Sydney she met with contrary gales or would no doubt have reached her destination within 75 days from London. The ship in build resembles the WALTER HOOD, but is superior in length and beam and her lines are much finer.

Daily News, 16/09/1857:
The 91,222 Australian Sovereigns ex the ship STAR OF PEACE from Sydney reached London this afternoon.

Morning Chronicle, 02/04/1858:
The favourite ship STAR OF PEACE arrived Sydney 3 February after a fair passage of 90 days. She is commanded on this occasion by Captain Jameson, formerly of the PHOENICIAN and the passengers have given him complimentary address.

Leeds Mercury, 16/05/1863:
The ship STAR OF PEACE from Sydney has brought £18,112 Australian gold on freight.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, 29/10/1871:
Capt. Richard Boaden, Master of ship STAR OF PEACE from Melbourne, was charged with assaulting and falsely imprisoning James Evans, a seaman. On Monday the sailor was charged with mutiny and assaulting the Captain and sentenced to one day's imprisonment. Capt. Boaden was then charged that he had falsely imprisoned Evans and kept him in irons for 2 months and that in course of last 2 months he had for several days bread and water only.

Pall Mall Gazette, 22/11/1871:
At Central Criminal Court, London, Capt. Richard Boaden was charged with unlawfully assaulting a seaman named Evans. After hearing the evidence, Deputy Recorder said it was not necessary to hear Counsel for defence. It was to be regretted that the Captain had detained Evans for longer than was necessary, but Evans addressed the Captain in language which could not be tolerated. It was his opinion that the justification for so treating him was the tone of insolence and menace which the man habitually used to the Captain and the great peril in which the Captain and passengers were of mutiny from the sullen, morose disposition of Evans and his friendliness with the crew. Jury returned verdict of not guilty.

Melbourne Argus, 25/06/1879:
The case of the barque STAR OF PEACE, the crew of which left her in a body, came before Wilmington Court yesteday when 9 men were charged with being absent without leave from the vessel. For the Master it was contended that a conditional sale did not constitute a change of ownership which relieved the seamen from the articles. For the men it was held that sale had been proved by following sale note produced by the Captain - "Melbourne, 7 June 1879 - Captain Laird, Star of Peace - I have this day sold to Messrs Grice, Sumner & Co. by your order ship Star of Peace, 1114 tons register, as she now lies in Hobson's Bay, together with her tackle, provisions etc. for sum of £3,500, payable in London after production of transfer of title". Magistrate considered that sale had to all intents taken place, thus relieving crew from articles and discharged the prisoners.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 216' x breadth 35 5/6' x depth 22 3/6'
gross tonnage 1113 tons

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