Yard Number: 341

08/11/1900: Launched

04/09/1909: Owner John Smart (Jnr), 59 Cleveland Rd., North Shields (SN104)
August 1914: Requisitioned by Admiralty and converted to minesweeper.
August 1915: Returned to the Fishing Fleet.
18/10/1915: Owners J. W. Smethurst, Fish Docks, Grimsby (GY.720).
10/1916: Owners L. Bloom, Grimsby.
25/09/1917: Requisitioned into the Fishery Reserve.
1919: Returned to owners.
1919: New boiler fitted.
Owned later by J. Smart, North Shields.
1920: Owned by Rattray Steam Fishing Co. Ltd, Grimsby.
03/1922: Owners George King, 49 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen (A872)
1923: Owned by G. King, Aberdeen.
1928: Owners G. W. Fowler, Aberdeen
1930: Owned by G. W. Fowler, Aberdeen (A872).
10/01/1934: Disabled, trawl round propeller. Towed to Aberdeen by AURORA (GY.172).
1936: Owners John Martin, Fleetwood (Gremar Steam Fishing Co. Ltd) (FD77)
23/09/1937: Owners Pair Fishing Co., Docks, Milford (M246)
15/11/1937: Owner John C. Llewellin, Milford Haven.
09/06/1938: Owner Henry J. Horwood, West Wickham.
1938: Owned by O. Curphy, Milford.
27/11/1940: Attacked and damged by German aircraft off St. Anne's Head.
26/02/1941: Owners Henry J. Richards, Ruislip.
05/1941: Attacked by German aircraft off Milford Haven.
14/08/1942: Owners Oliver Curphy, 11 Eastleigh Drive, Weston (Fish salesman) Gerald Edward Leaman Whitmarsh, 1 Culme Rd., Mannamead, Plymouth (Accountant), Stanley Sanger, 648 Finchley Rd., London (Company Director) and Edward hatherley, 258 Beaumont Rd., Plymouth.
21/10/1946: Owners Gerald Edward Leaman Whitmarsh, Manager, 37 Southside St., The Barbican, Plymouth, Edward Hatherley & Stanley Sanger.
12/01/1949: Owners Edward Whitmarsh, 23 Coleridge Rd., Plymouth, Edward Hatherley & S. Edgcumbe, 45 Foreland Rd., Plymouth.
19/04/1950: Milford registry closed laid up.
03/1952: Sold to BISCO, John Cashmore Ltd., Newport, for breaking.
1953: Owned by E. Whitmarsh, Milford???

source: www.llangibby.eclipse.co.uk/accidents%20&%20incidents/rattray.htm
source: www.fleetwood-trawlers.info/index.php/2009/01/st-rattray-fd77/
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Fraserburgh & North of Scotland Steam Trawling Company Limited
length 110 3/12' x breadth 21 1/12' x depth 12 1/12'
gross tonnage: 182 ton

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