Official Number
Yard Number: 749
Official Number: 165251

Subsequent Names: CELTIC SURVEYOR

First motor vessel owned by North of Scotland Company.

Routes: brought into service late 1939 on Lerwick - North Isles route. During WWII on special service on Pentland Firth during which time she traveled over 100,000 miles and carried approximately 600,000 persons. Spent rest of her career with North of Scotland Company on the Lerwick and North Isles route and as a relief vessel when the ST OLA went for surveys.

In 1975, this vessel was sold to Middlesborough Ocean Surveys and converted to a diving support vessel, renamed CELTIC SURVEYOR.

In 1988, the vessel became a restaurant ship and was renamed EARL OF ZETLAND and moored on the Thames near Embankment. As of 2002, was located at the West India Docks, London. Floating pub now located at Royal Quays, North Shields on the River Tyne.

Aberdeen Evening Express, 02/06/1939:
railway lines cleared for machinery for Earl of Zetland to be run on track to the sheerpoles at North Lock.

Aberdeen Evening Express, 20/05/1939:
Large crowds gathered at dock Gayes + Mathew's Quay to see launch of passenger motor vessel Earl of Zetland from Hall Russel's yard.

Press + Journal, 18/08/1939:
Earl of Zetland ran trials, sailing south as far as St. Cyrus. Although designed to do 12 knots, she averaged 13 on measured mile at 94% of full power. Accommodation luxurious. Amazing comfort can be provided in such limited space. 1st class vestible artistically panelled in Nigerian mahogany, smoke-room in elm + dining saloon in light maple. Vessel has sleeping accommodation for 38 1st class passengers in comfortable 2 berth cabins fitted with wash basins, spacious lounge for 1st class. 2nd class passengers are housed in comfortable accommodation in forepart of vessel, which is air conditioned throughout. Vessel has latest navigation instruments, including depth-sounding, and telemotor steering. Vessel's British polar marine diesel two cycle single-acting engne evoked interest + favourable comment. Master Thomas Gifford, chief engineer S.B.Harrison.

Press + Journal, 21/08/1939 + Scotsman, 22/08/1939:
Rockets were fired + flags flown as new Earl of Zetland arrived at Lerwick. The old Earl of Zetland, which had served islanders for 62 years, steamed down Bressay to meet her successor, also St. Magnus + St. Sunniva. The 4 ships, led by the old E. of Z., proceeded to Lerwick in single line. Next day new E. of Z. led her predecessor as far as Bressay light on her departure.

Press + Journal, 03/02/1950, Dundee Courier 01/02/1950:
In 70mph gale with sleet + hail schooner Earl of Zetland with many people aboard stormbound between Yell + Fetlab. An m.p. was stranded on Whalsay for 3 1/2 days.

Dundee Courier, 22/12/1953:
As relief vessel on Pentland Firth route, Earl of Zetland, loaded with Christmas letters + parcels, was strormbound in Stromness.

Press + Journal, 17/02/1968:
Earl of Zetland completing extended refit at Aberdeen, where annual survey revealed a fractured tail-shaft. This has now been replaced.

Evening Express, 04/03/1975:
Veteran cargo passenger ship Earl of Zetland berthed at Aberdeen pending her sale. Has spent her career on North Isles service apart from war service as troop carrier on Pentland Firth run.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Company
length 150 1/3' x breadth 29 1/12' x depth 12'
Gross Tonnage: 548 ton

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