Official Number
Yard Number: 227

Description: 2 decks, 2 masts, schooner rigged, elliptical stern, clench built, iron frame, no figurehead.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Renamed: MAULE (no date); VILLE DE SFAX (1900); ANNA (1913); CALERA (1920); MAULE (1927)

Registered on 10 June 1882. George Hall Rennie, shipowner, Aberdeen (64 shares).
Engines were tripled by the builder in 1888

Engine details:
Steam, single screw, one pair, compound, surface condensing, inverted, direct acting, 33" x 64" with 42" stroke, 200 H.P. by HR. 1083 i.h.p. Triples by HR in 1888, no record in HR papers. 21" x 33" x 56" with 42" stroke, two Scotch boilers, 6 corrugated furnaces, heating surface 2860 ft. squared, 140 p.s.i.
Boiler: Diameter 13'6", length 10'6", 3053.6 ft. squared heating area, 90 ps.i, 6 off, 4x45" dia. & 2x39" dia. furnaces.
Propeller: Diameter 14'4", 4 bladed.

1883: Master E. G. Langly
1884: Master C. Stuart
1888: Triple expansion engine fitted by Hall Russell.
1895: Repairs by Hall Russell under Order No. 00.95.
1898: Master W. Findlay
2/4/1899: S.S. UMLAZI collided with DABULAMANZI while berthing at Durban.
May 1900: Vessel sold to Cie. Franco-Tunisienne de Nav., Marseilles for their Marseille-North Africa service. Renamed VILLE DE SFAX with 15 passenger capacity.
October 1906: Sold with owners to Cie. Generale Transatlantique (French Line) - same name, same route.
1913: Sold to S. A. Unione Austriaco di Nav., Trieste and renamed ANNA. Placed on Trieste-Havana route.
August 1914: Laid up in Havana.
6 April 1917: Seized at New Orleans by the US Government and operated by the US Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corp,. New York.
1920: Sold to Indies Nav. Co. Valparaiso, Chile and renamed CALERA.
1923: the owners were Cia. De Vapor Calera, Valparaiso.
1924: Sold to Central Light and Power Company, Valparaiso.
1927: Sold to Soc. Anon. Commercial Braun & Blanchard, Valparaiso and renamed MAULE.

8 September 1928: Vessel ran aground at Columbine Point, Farquhar Pass, Magellan Strait during a voyage from Magallanes to Lota and was declared a constructive total loss.

Daily News, 14/6/1882:
(Advert) Port Natal direct by steamer - fare 26 guineas chief cabin, the magnificent new full powered steamer DABULAMANZI, 1st July, perfect passenger accommodation. Loading jetty London Docks, owner J. T. Rennie, London. [Port Natal = Durban].

Standard, 15/8 & 21/8/1882:
Notes arrival at Algoa Bay [Port Elizabeth] 12/8 and Natal [Durban] 15/8.

Glasgow Herald, 12/10/1882:
Arrived Conconada, 1 Oct. from Natal.

Dundee Courier, 23/1/1883:
DABULAMANZI, steamer, of Aberdeen, stranded at the Nore yesterday, but afterwards refloated.

Glasgow Herald, 14/2/1883:
DABULAMANZI, London - Natal, at Plymouth with slight defect in machinery (17/2 - arrived Dartmouth & proceeded for Natal).

DO., 26/2 & 27/3/1885:
Left Port Natal 18 Feb. for London, arrived Gravesend 26 March.

Standard, 8/3/1886:
(Advert) The favourite steamer DABULAMANZI will sail 24 March from London Docks - Port Natal, excellent saloon accommodation. Apply to agents Billard, King & Co., or owners J. T. Rennie, Son & Co.

Glasgow Herald, 16/5/1888:
DABULAMANZI, Port Natal fro London, arrived Madeira 14 May.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25/10/1888:
Yesterday afternoon S.S. DABULAMANZI, belonging to J. T. Rennie & Son, Aberdeen, underwent trial trip in Aberdeen bay. She arrived in port some time ago to have her compound engines converted into triple expansion by Messrs. Hall, Russell & Co. The vessel, which is under the command of Capt. J.G.H. Flint, sailed the measured mile both before and against the wind and averaged speed of 12 knots, which will increase when she has more than water ballast. Lunch was served aboard to guests during the trial & they returned on shore by tug boat. The steamer then left for London.

Standard, 3/11/1888:
(Advert) Gold Fields - for Port Natal direct, calling at Tenerife, the splendid full powered steamer DABULAMANZI, sailing 8 Nov.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/3/1889:
Aberdeen steamer DABULAMANZI has arrived Natal and reports that fire had broken out aboard & that much damage had been done. (Left for London 18 Apr., Standard, 22/4/1889).

Hampshire Advertiser, 31/8/1889:
Because of dockers' strike at London, Messrs. J. T. Rennie's DABULAMANZI, from Natal berthed in the inner dock at Southampton. She brought passengers, £15,000 of raw gold and general cargo.

Standard, 13/2/1892:
Arrived London Docks from Natal.

Freeman's Journal, 15/81894:
Left Galle [Ceylon] Tuesday fro Cochan.

Standard, 12/2/1895:
Rennie's steamer DABULAMANZI arrived London Docks from Natal.

Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, 25/3/1900:
Coasting steamer DABULAMANZI brought into Durban by British gunboat (during Anglo-Boer war) with cheap Transvaal coal in her bunkers. Many shipowners take the risk of detention by patrolling British warships rather than fill their bunkers at Durban, where coal is both scarce and dear.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J T Rennie
length 261' x breadth 35 1/12' x depth 24 7/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1537 ton

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