SHIP (BARQUE c.1877)
Official Number
Type: Sailing
Yard Number: 238
Date of Build/Launch: June 1864

Wrecked: Rozel, Cherbourg/March 1880

Builder's List:
Owner Robert Henderson; Port belonging to Glasgow; Contract £19,288 - £18.15.0 per ton.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1865-66, 1866-67: Owners Albion Shipping Co.; Port belonging to Glasgow; Master P. Sellar; Destined voyage Aberdeen-New Zealand.
1869-70: Master Lynch; Destined voyage Clyde-New Zealand.
1873-74, 1875-76: Owners Shaw, Savill & Co.; Port belonging to London; Master Steven; Destined voyage London-New Zealand.
1876-77: Master D. T. Roberts; Barque.
1877-78, 1878-79: Owners Cummins & Co.; Port belonging to Bristol; Master J. Evans; Port of Survey Bremerhaven.
1880-81: No reference.

Glasgow Herald, 15/08/1864:
Emigration from Clyde to New Zealand - the beautiful new Aberdeen-built clipper ship EDWARD P. BOUVERIE of Messrs. Patrick Henderson & Co.'s Line of New Zealand Packets. Embarked her passengers at Gourock Bay and after being cleared by the emigration officers bailed for Otago, N.Z. She has on board, beside her cabin and steerage passengers, a very large cargo of general merchandise.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15/8/1864:
Launched from building yard of Messrs A. Hall & Co. at Aberdeen, a fine clipper ship of 996 tons named EDWARD P. BOUVERIE. Vessel is built on the new principle, wood and iron, is the property of a scotch firm & intended for Australia and New Zealand trade.

Melbourne Age, 7/12/1864:
Otago, N.Z. - clipper ship EDWARD P. BOUVERIE, from the Clyde, was signalled at daylight as having arrived at the heads. Tug steamer FAVOURITE went to tow her in, but wind having begun to blow strongly from SW + tide having turned, she is not likely to reach port before noon Saturday. Vessel sailed from Greenock 12 August, had total of 114 souls aboard (41 officers and men, 73 passengers). Dr. James Copland, medical officer, reports 1 case sea sickness during most of passage, 1 case intermittent fever in tropics & 1 case acute laryngitis. She is a very fine new ship and has been built expressly for Messrs. Patrick Henderson & Co. Commanded by Capt. Brown.

Glasgow Herald, October 1867:
Will sail from Glasgow 25 October to Otago. This splendid passenger ship sails very fast and has elegant poop accommodation for cabin passengers with plunge baths and lofty and well ventilated tween decks for steerage passengers. A duly qualified surgeon will accompany the ship.

Melbourne Argus, 29/1/1868:
Ship EPB from Glasgow for Otago, was spoken 23 Dec. 40.125 Lat., 28E Long (South of Cape of Good Hope).

Glasgow Herald, 31/03/1868:
Arrived Otago 27 Jan. after pleasant passage of 95 days. All passengers landed in good health and expressed themselves highly satisfied with treatment by Capt. Lynch and Officers.

Ballart Star, 28/11/1868: EPB at Gravesend 23 Sept. from Otago.

Sydney Morning Herald, 7/5/1869:
Newcastle, 5 May, EPB, ship, master Tilly. From Dunedin, N.Z.

Glasgow Herald, 21/07/1871:
Has just returned from her 5th voyage to the Colony, sails for Otago from Glasgow 15 August.

Freeman's Journal (Sydney), 13/12/1873:
EPB, ship, arrived 10 Dec. from Wellington, N.Z.

Sydney Mail, 27/12/1873:
EPB, Captain Stevens, sailed 19 Dec. for Newcastle (NSW) in ballast.

Sydney Morning Herald, 13/1/1874:
Newcastle, 10 Jan. - EPB, master Stevens, sailed for Adelaide with 1140 tons coal.

Adelaide Observer, 14/2/1874:
Adelaide, 13 Feb. - EPB, Henry Stevens master, sailed for London via Port Pirie (S. Australia, near Adelaide).

Adelaide Evening Journal, 13/4/1875:
Newcastle, NSW - EPB arrived 12 April from Bluff Harbour (S. Island, N.Z.).

Miner's Advocate, 22/5/1875:
Newcastle - EPB loading ew lambton.

Maitland Mercury, 8/6/1875:
Newcastle - EPB, Roberts master, sailed 2 June for Hong Kong with 1136 tons coal.

Preston Guardian, 06/03/1880:
The large ship EDWARD P. BOUVERIE of Bristol, 1002 tons, bound from Java to Falmouth for orders with a cargo of sugar valued at £40,000, in making the English Channel during the heavy gale of Wednesday night, struck on a rock at Rozel near Cherbourg and foundered. She was a total loss with her cargo. The whole of the crew, 30 in number, are supposed to have perished.

Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, 9 March 1880:
Particulars supplied by the owners, Cummins & Co., Bristol - "British Consulate, Cherbourg, 5/3/1880: ... the barque fired guns and distress signals and the cries from on board were distinctly heard, but unfortunately there were in that locality there were no boats or any means of rendering assistance. It is said that rockets and lights were seen about 7pm... they are supposed to have been from the barque. She struck at about 9.30pm, when the cries of those aboard, and until about 10 o'clock or thereabouts, when all lights disappeared, and it is evident that at that moment the vessel must have broken up... 7 bodies have been washed ashore, all of them fine able-bodied men, apparently seamen... several of the seamen were supported by lifebuoy - one in the posture of swimming. But none could be resuscitated... nothing to indicate that Captain Evans's body was among them".
A. HALL & Co.
Albion Shipping Co.
length 189' x breadth 33' x depth 21.2'
gross tonnage 997 tons

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