SHIP (BARQUE c.1881)
Official Number
Yard Number: 233
Completed in June 1863. Voyaged to New Zealand

Builder's List:
Owners Parker, Rhoades & Co.; Contract £13,442

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1865-66: Owners J & D Parker; Port belonging to London; Master G. Mitchell
1867-68, 1868-69, 1870-71, 1872-73: Master C. Renault; Destined Voyage London- New Zealand
1875-76, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1880-81: Owners R. Rhoades & Sons; Port belonging to London; Master W. Gedye; Destined Voyage London
1881-82: Owner R. F. Quirk; Port belonging to London; Master J.Evans
1882-83: Master Atkinson
1883-84: No reference.

Daily News, 12/08/1863:
Black Ball passenger line of clipper packets for Australia from London direct - CELAENO to Sydney from E. India Docks, 10 Sept.

Sydney Empire, 9/1/1864:
CELAENO sailed Plymouth 29 Sept., crossed equator 28 Oct., reached island of Trinidad 11 Nov. & passed meridian of Cape of Good Hope 2 Dec. From there she experienced S + SE winds until steering for bass straits, when wind came from NE and she was compelled to pass south of Tasmania.

Sydney Mail, 16/2/1864:
CELAENO, Mitchell, discharging at circular wharf, Sydney.

Sydney Empire, 26/2/1864:
CELAENO sailed for London 24 Feb.

Belfast Newsletter, 03/08/1864:
CELAENO for Otago 12 Aug.

Daily News, 03/09/1864:
Gravesend - sailed 2 Sept. CELAENO for New Zealand.

Glasgow Herald, 16/02/1865:
CELAENO from London at Port Chalmers N.Z. 15 Dec.

Glasgow Herald, 05/07/1865:
London, arrived 2 July, CELAENO, Renault, from Otago N.Z.

Glasgow Herald, 19/03/1866:
CALAENO, Capt. Renault, from London at Otago, N.Z., 2 January.

Pall Mall Gazette, 23/07/1866:
Plymouth July 23 - the CELAENO, Capt. Renault, from Otago April 15 passed up Channel off the start with 22 passengers, 8898 ounces of gold and a cargo of wool and sundries. On 6 June in lat. 18.15S, Long. 30W, she passed close to a 3-masted schooner of foreign build with her decks full of men, there was no name on her stern and she would show no colours. She was standing to the southward (off Brazil).

Glasgow Herald, 18/09/1866:
CELAENO, London to Otago, has been supplied with an anchor and chain in lieu of others lost during the gale of yesterday (Deal, Sept. 17).

Glasgow Herald, 16/03/1867:
CELAEON from London at Otago N.Z. 18 Dec.

Daily News, 01/07/1867:
The CELAENO has arrived from Otago N.Z. with £13,500 in gold.

Aberdeen Journal, 02/10/1867:
CELAENO left Deal 27 Sept. for Otago.

Glasgow Herald, 04/03/1868:
CELAENO from London at Otago 27 Dec.

Aberdeen Journal, 06/05/1868:
CELAENO, Renault, at Bluff Harbour N.Z. [near Invercargill] 11 Feb. for London.

Aberdeen Journal, 08/07/1868:
CELAENO left Invercargill 30 Apr. for London.

S. Australian Register, 3/8/1869:
British ship CELAENO, from Canterbury N.Z. to London, spoken 30 June, 34 days out, 30.56 S, 26.31 W (South Atlantic between Montevideo and Tristan da Cunha).

Aberdeen Journal, 27/10/1869:
CELAENO, ship, from London for Canterbury with emigrants, 13 Oct. 44N + 18W [off Cape Finisterre].

Ballarat Star, 26/11/1869:
CELAENO sailed from Deal 1 Oct. for Canterbury N.Z.

Melbourne Advocate, 25/2/1871:
Ship CELAENO has arrived Wellington N.Z. from London with 60 families of Swedish immigrants. DR Viard, R.C. Bishop of Wellington, and 6 nuns are also passengers by her.

Aberdeen Journal, 15/03/1871:
CELAENO from London for Wellington, 15 Nov., 21 days out, 24N + 18W [south of Canary Islands].

Daily News, 23/08/1871:
Home arrivals Deal 2 Nov. - CELAENO from Canterbury, N.Z.

Glasgow Herald, 04/11/1871:
Sailed Deal Nov. 3 CELAENO for Wellington.

Glasgow Herald, 07/08/1872:
CELAENO left Wellington N.Z. for London 13 May.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 05/05/1879:
CELAENO of London March 27 Lat. 14S, Long. 28W [Mid Atlantic off Brazil].
A. HALL & Co., Aberdeen
length 173.2' x breadth 30.2' x depth 18.2'
gross tonnage 702 tons

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