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Yard Number: 187

THALES joined the Lamport and Holt Fleet in 1873 and flew the Lamport and Holt houseflag for many years.

Extract from Shipping Record In North Borneo Herald for 1883 shows SS Thales made 6 voyages between Hong Kong and North Borneo between April and end August under the command of Captain T. J. Pocock.

North Borneo Herald 1883 May 1st P5:
'The S. S. Thales, 820 Tons, Captain T J Pocock, arrived at Kudat on April 25th and reports having left Hong Kong on April 20th and experienced light South to ESE winds and fine weather throughout the passage. Saloon passengers Messrs Alfred Dent, Managing Director of the British North Borneo Company, W. Danby, C.E., Gordon Whickham, J M Fleming, R. E. Edward Wheelay and H F Meyerink. Deck passengers, 6 Chinese for Kudat, 128 for Sandakan. On arrival 13 of latter elected to remain at Kudat.'

'The Governor, Mrs Treacher and Mr Alfred Dent arrived in the Thales on the 27th Instant. In anticipation of their arrival the wharf had been prettily decorated by the Chinese inhabitants. On landing a salute was fired from the Battery and a guard of honour was drawn up on the wharf. The principal Chinese merchants presented an address to Mr Dent and the Governor in a prettily decorated hut erected for the occassion.'

Lamport and Holt pioneered the frozen meat trade from the River Plate to the United Kingdom by entering into a contract, in 1886, to convey 230 tons monthly, and the S.S. THALES was specially fitted for this purpose in the following year.

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Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1874-5: Owners Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navigation Co.; Builders Hall; Port belonging to Liverpool; engines by Hall Russell - 2 compound direct acting, 98H.P.
1880-1, 1884-5, 1888-9: As 1874-5 (except 1884-5 Master T.E. Pocock, 1888-9 Master Glasspoole).
1891-2: Now named JULES COUDERT, owners E. Coudert & Fils; Port of Registry Bordeaux.
1894-5: Port of Registry Tonnay, same owners.
1896-7: Port of Registry La Rochelle, same owners.
1898-9: Broken up 1 June 1898.

Pall Mall Gazette, 11/02/1874:
The Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Co.'s steamer THALES, Capt. Henry Sharpe Ferguson, left Mersey today direct for Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Rosario (on River Parana, Argentina) [and about every 4 months thereafter].

Belfast Newsletter, 28/12/1875:
THALES, steamer, from the Brazils and River Plate, arrived Southampton and proceeded for Liverpool via Antwerp. Specie £13,200.

Liverpool Mercury, 05/11/1880:
Silver medal awarded by French Government presented to Michael Cardiff, seaman in screw steamer THALES, for rescuing life at sea. While THALES on homeward passage from Brazils to Southampton the French brig JEAN of Dunkirk was sighted in a sinking condition and crew waiting to abandon her. Lifeboat of THALES was got out and manned by R.P.L. Lawson (1st Officer), J.L. Pilint (3rd Officer), W. Waterman (4th Officer) and 3 seamen. Weather very boisterous and it was with great difficulty and danger the crew of the JEAN were rescued.

Freeman's Journal, 04/02/1882:
THALES, steamer, which has arrived Southampton from Brazil reports a fire in the main hold, but which was speedily extinguished.

Glasgow Herald, 25/12/1883:
The THALES of Liverpool, bound from Montevideo to Dunkirk with a cargo of wool and cotton, went ashore near Bridport. There was a thick fog at the time, but as the sea was perfectly calm no lives were lost. The vessel's bow is embedded in 7 or 8 feet of sand and does not appear to have sustained any serious injury. Tugs have been sent to her assistance.

Leeds Mercury, 04/05/1886:
Messrs Lamport and Holt's steamer THALES from New Orleans arrived in Mersey Monday.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/05/1888:
The British steamer THALES, previously reported ashore at Buenos Ayres, floated on flood tide unassisted and apparently undamaged.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 04/04/1889:
British steamer THALES, Liverpool for River Plate, has put into Bahia (Brazil) with shaft broken.

Freeman's Journal, 29/09/1990:
Lamport & Holt's steamer THALES from Rio Janeiro arrived Liverpool.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool
length 266' x breadth 31 1/12' x depth 17 7/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1488 ton

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