Official Number
Launched in August 1874

2 decks, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, clencher built, no galleries, three quarter female figurehead, iron frame.
Subscribing Owners:
Alexander Nicol (32 shares), James Buyers (4 shares), John Blaikie Nicol (4 shares), all shipowners. John Webster, advocate (8 shares), William Shepherd, shipmaster (8 shares), Alexander Christie, brickmaker (4 shares), Jane Chalmers, or Nicol wife of Alexander Nicol (4 shares), all Aberdeen.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Registers (Aberdeen City Archives))

Best known Commander - W. Shepherd
Surveyed London March 1881
Surveyed London March 1883
No mention in Lloyd's Register of 1889-1990

Sold to Norwegians. When bound for Copenhagen from Savanahh via Lerwick in 1917, the vessel stranded on Anholt Reef and broke in half.

Melbourne Argus, 16/02/1875:
Cape Otway, 15 Jan., ROMANOFF, ship, from London.

Newcastle [NSW] Morning Herald, 02/11/1877:
Ship ROMANOFF, 96 days out from Freiderickstadt, Norway, with Baltic timber, will discharge portion of timber at Newcastle, then sail to Sydney to complete discharge and load for London.

S. Australian Register, 31/01/1885:
Arrived London 28 Jan. ROMANOFF, ship, from Port Victor, sailed 15 Oct.

Sydney Morning Herald, 23/01/1891:
Sailed 22 Jan., ROMANOFF, ship, for Antwerp.

Sydney Morning Herald, 19/10/1892:
Ship ROMANOFF, Capt. Joss, arrived Sydney from New York with general cargo.

Sydney Morning Herald, 09/11/1892:
Ship ROMANOFF flagship for Balmain Sailing Regatta.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 21/09/1893:
Ship ROMANOFF reached Port Jackson [NSW] with cargo of Baltic timber of 1,052,000 feet from Frederickstadt.

Sydney Evening News, 20/02/1896:
Clipper ship ROMANOFF cleared The Heads. Having been thoroughly cleaned and painted during her stay she was in beautiful order and while being towed to sea was greatly admired. Included in cargo were 6528 bales wool, 48 bales basils, 40 bales fleshings, 4815 bags ore, 3666 bars lead.

Sydney Morning Herald, 20/05/1896:
Owners, A.Nicol & Co., have cabled advising of arrival of ship ROMANOFF at London 18 May after good passage of 89 days.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 16/11/1897:
Having discharged Newcastle portion of her cargo, ship ROMANOFF left in tow for Sydney, on discharge of cargo there will load wool.

Melbourne Argus, 11/11/1905:
Ship ROMANOFF arrived from Frederickstadt, Norway, with cargo of timber.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 18/07/1906:
Ship ROMANOFF, well known trader to Australia, has been sold to Norwegians for about £2600.
A Nicol & Co., Aberdeen
length 222.1' x breadth 36.3' x depth 22.2'
gross tonnage 1277 ton

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