Official Number
Yard Number: 252
Owners W. Le Lacheur, registered Guernsey. Cost £11,766

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1868-69: Owners Le Lachur & Co.; Master Le Messuir; Destined Voyage Aberdeen - Costa Rica.
1877-78, 1881-82: Master Sampson.
1883-84, 1884-85: Owners A. & J. McIntyre and H. R. Reid & Co.; Master H. Guy; Port belonging to Melbourne.

Sydney Empire, 08/12/1868:
Arrived NICOYA, Master Jones, from London 30 August.

Sydney Empire, 15/01/1869:
Departed Sydney for Costa Rica.

Launceston [Tasmania] Examiner, 08/01/1883:
NICOYA, P. Johnson Master, outwards 6 Jan. for Sydney. Took following cargo:- 16 tons oatmeal, vauled £320; 182 tons bark, £1456; 112 bushels tares, £18; 636 bush. peas, £95; 1740 bush. oats £260; 2100 bush. bran, £150, Total value of cargo £2343.

This vessel was sold to Australian owners in 1884 and wrecked in January 1891.
According to Lloyds Shipwreck Register, a Colombian composite barque called NICOYA was wrecked on 23 January 1893 on a voyage from Saigon - Noumea. Wrecked on the Lighthouse Reef, Noumea with a cargo of rice and tea.

Williamston (Victoria) Chronicle, 07/03/1885:
5 Chinese seamen from ship NICOYA charged with wilful disobedience of orders. One of the defendents said they objected to discharge cargo, had been 20 years to sea and had never done so. James Foster, Master of NICOYA, said prisoners were signed on at Hong Kong for 2 years voyage, only 3 months of which expired. Conduct during voyage good. Asked by the judge if they would return to ship to work cargo. They refused and were sentenced to one month inprisonment.

Hobart [Tasmania] Mercury, 13/07/1887:
Melbourne, 9 July - NICOYA sailed for Haiphong [North Vietnam] via Newcastle [N.S.W.].

Sydney Morning Herald, 01/08/1889:
NICOYA, from Newcastle 19 June, arrived Hong Kong.

Sydney Morning Herald, 29/04/1890:
NICOYA, Capt. Johnson, reports leaving Auckland, N.Z., 20 April, experienced light S.W. winds for day or so, followed by fresh S.E. weather. Is in ballast and after docking for overhaul proceeds to Newcastle to load for a China port.

Sydney Morning Herald, 14/05/1890:
NICOYA sailed 18 May for Albany [W. Australia] via Newcastle, N.S.W.

Sydney Morning Herald, 12/12/1890:
NICOYA at Hong Kong 18 Nov.

South Australian Register, 19/02/1894:
Sydney, 18 Feb. - barque IRIS arrived from Noumea [New Caledonia] bringing 9 of crew of barque NICOYA, Captain Norris, wrecked 24 January about 4 miles S of Lighthouse off Noumea. She was on voyage Saigon - Noumea with cargo of rice and tea. Although flag was hoisted for a pilot on arrival at Noumea, none came off and so Capt. Norris decided to take the ship in. She grounded on a coral reef, where she remained for a week until she broke up. No lives were lost, but only 40 tons of cargo was saved.

A. HALL & Co.
length 162' 8" x breadth 30' 1" x depth 17' 6"
gross tonnage 593 tons

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