Official Number
Yard Number: 290

This vessel was launched in December 1876 and registered on 12 December.

Description: 1 deck, 3 masts, barque rigged, round stern, clench built, three quarter female figurehead, iron frame.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1876: Owner J. T. Rennie; Master F. Airth
1880-81: Owner J. T. Rennie; Master F. Airth
1884-85: Owner J. T. Rennie & Son; Master A. Tytler

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/04/1883:
NATAL, barque, of Aberdeen, London for Hobart Town, approached shore too close, touched in the stays in East Bay, Dungeness and proceeded on her voyage.

Glasgow Herald, 13/08/1884:
NATAL, British barque, Bimlipatam [N. of Madras] too Havre, 18 July, 29N 40W [Mid Atlantic West of Canary Islands].

Glasgow Herald, 20/03/1886:
Telegram from Cochin [South India] 19 March reports NATAL, barque, from Galle [Ceylon] to Cochin, struck on Crocodile Rock and will be obliged to dock at Bombay.

Glasgow Herald, 03/06/1886:
Judgement of enquiry into stranding of NATAL on Crocodile Rock, held at Bombay. Court considers Captain Tytler made a mistake through carelessness in laying down his position on his chart. But taking into consideration that Crocodile Rock was incorrectly marked by one mile on his chart and his great discretion and promptitude at time of accident and bringing his ship safely to Bombay, the court scarcely censures him.

Glasgow Herald, 07/06/1887:
NATAL, barque, London - Natal, 5 May, 1N, 28W [Mid Atlantic between Brazil and W. Africa].

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/06/1888:
NATAL, barque, Capt. Scorgie, arrival NATAL from Calcutta 23 June.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 27/09/1888:
NATAL, barque, arrived Madras from Natal 26 September.

On 16 November 1888 the vessel left Calcutta for Port Natal with a cargo of rice, 13 crew and 23 passengers - reported missing.

Glasgow Herald, 27/03/1889:
Supposed loss of NATAL - very grave fears are entertained for safety of barque NATAL, owned by Messrs J. T. Rennie & Co., Aberdeen. NATAL left Calcutta for Natal 16 November and though voyage should have been accomplished in little over 40 days, she has never been heard of since she sailed and it is feared she must have foundered in a typhoon. Captain Scorgie, a careful navigator, has been Captain of vessel 2 years and was previously Mate of Messrs Rennie's QUATHLAMBA [O.N. 77453]. He was accompanied by his wife, a native of Aberdeen to whom he had just been married. Carpenter also Aberdonian. About 30 coolies aboard, besides number of passengers - altogether about 60 souls aboard with a light general cargo.
A. HALL & Co.
J T Rennie
length 155 11/12' x breadth 27 1/12' x depth 13 3/6'
gross tonnage: 445 ton

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