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2 decks, a poop deck and a top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, barque rigged, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, full length male figurehead.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1859, 1862: Owner Thompson; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Master W. Edward; Ship; Destined Voyage London - Sydney.
1865-66, 1868-69, 1869-70, 1870-71, 1873-74, 1875-76, 1878-79, 1881-82: Master H. Aylingl Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1882-83, 1883-84, 1884-85: Owners Robey Bros; Port belonging to Sydney; Master A. Webb.
1886-87, 1888-89, 1890-91:
Owners J. E. Ives; Master Lessing; Port belonging to Sydney (1890-91 dismantled)

[No reference in Aberdeen Register of Shipping]

Lubbock, 'The Colonial Clippers':
Designed and built by Walter Hood in whose business Messrs. Thompson held a large interest. Passage times - 1874-75 99 days Melbourne - London (the wool fleet); 1875 75 days Lizard - Melbourne; 1875-76 90 days Melbourne - Dungeness. Was sold to J. E. Ives of Sydney and ended her days as a hulk.

Daily News, 08/01/1859:
"MORAVIAN", British ship, from London for Sydney N.S.W., November 19 at Lat. 1N, Long 28W [off Brazil].

Derby Mercury, 29/01/1862:
Plymouth - the ship "MORAVIAN", commander William Edward, belonging to Messrs. George Thompson Jr. & Co. of St. Helen's Place, London, 63 days from land to land or 69 from Melbourne, is gone up Channel bound for the Thames. The "MORAVIAN" brings 16 passengers. Her gold freight is 50,000 ounces, valued at £200,000 and the cargo includes 2,844 bales of wool.

Daily News, 11/11/1862:
The ship "MORAVIAN", Captain Edward, belonging to Messrs George Thompson Jr. & Co., Leadenhall Street, which has passed Plymouth up Channel for London, left Melbourne January 15, rounded Cape Horn February 17 and crossed the line March 11. On 28 Jan. in Lat. 56-10S, between Long. 162 + 158W [southern ocean off New Zealand] she observed a barrier of icebergs of immense extent... not less than 40 icebergs were seen every day. In about 47S + 33W [near South Georgia] the "MORAVIAN" encountered a fearful gale during which she lost 2 close-reefed topsails, starboard quarter boat, all the starboard topgallant and part of the main bulwarks, the ship was under bare masts for 12 hours. The sea was dreadful. The "MORAVIAN" brings 4,000 oz. gold, 3,400 bales of wool and 10 passengers.

Melbourne Argus, 26/01/1863:
Hobson's Bay (Melbourne) - arrived Moravian, Aberdeen clipper ship, Wm. Edward, from London via Plymouth.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Melbourne Argus, 04/07/1867:
The first ship on the berth for London is the celebrated clipper ship Moravian, Capt. T. B. Ayling, which will sail Saturday next without fail. Her homeward cargo is all aboard and, as the antecedents of this fine ship are well known, it is not at all surprising that she should take a very large quantity of gold with her. The Moravian, after her voyage home from this port last year, underwent a thorough overhaul and refit and this, in conjunction with her well known sailing capabilities, will account for the rapidity with which she has been landed on the present voyage.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Aberdeen Journal, 08/07/1868:
"MORAVIAN", ship, from Dundee for Bombay spoken 51N + 15W [off Irish Coast].

Melbourne Argus, 28/06/1871:
Report of Williamstown Police Court 27 June - 3 Williamstown publicans convicted of selling drink on a Sunday to 3rd Officer Frederick Godden and Apprentices Samuel Grenwell and James Odger of Moravian. Odgar was drowned at end of evening. Bench did not in any way associate the loss of the young man's life with the offences of these publicans.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Glasgow Herald, 20/05/1874:
St. Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight - "MORAVIAN" (ship) of Aberdeen, from Sydney for London.

Melbourne Argus, 03/09/1881:
London, August 31 - Arrived barque Moravian from Sydney (sailed May 21).
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 200 1/12' x breadth 33 7/12' x depth 21 3/12'
Gross Tonnage: 967 ton

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