Official Number
Yard Number: 372
Fishing Number: A372

Type: Side Fishing Pocket Trawler
Construction: Riveted and Welded

Renamed: DALEWOOD A372 (1979-1987); THIRLET BF59 (1987-1990); KARVELLA FR252 (1990); LIVANIA (1995 - ?); JAMES EDGAR (? - 2012)

Engine Lister Blackstone ETSL6MGR, 447kw/690bhp
(Lister Blackstone Oil 4SA 6cy 222+292 Reversa Reduction)
Average speed on trial 11.13 knots

MAUREEN JUNE was classed by the builders as being a mark one pocket size trawler side fishing, part owned by the skipper Terry Taylor and Don Fishing Co. Terry Taylor was noted to be the youngest skipper at that time to own shares in the boat and he later went on to a bigger boat also called MAUREEN JUNE 10 years later. The name comes from his wife and daughter's first names.

In 1980 MAUREEN JUNE was sold to Don Fishing Co. after Terry got his bigger boat. She was renamed DALEWOOD A372 in 1979, registered with owners (Don Fishing Co. Ltd).

In 1987 the vessel was renamed THIRLET BF59 for owners William Andrew & Deborah Jayne West of Banff. This was probably when she was converted from trawling to seine netting where all the trawl gear was removed and seine gear was installed, and rope drums.

In 1990 the vessel was renamed KARVELLA FR252 and owned by George Stephen & Charles Noble and Caley Fisheries (Peterhead), registered in Fraserburgh.

All traces of fishing gear removed and fishroom emptied out and cabins installed in the fishroom and was then used as training vessel for Maritime Trades training Dundee and called LIVINIA until 1995.

In 1995 she was sold to private buyers as a yacht and up for sale as of 4 February 2008.

From 2000 KARVELLA is listed in Lloyd's Register but no owners nominated.

2010 Lloyd's Register as KARVELLA, but no owners listed

2009 modified into a dive charter vessel. Vessel scrapped in Exeter by Exeter Maritime Services Ltd July 2012 (source: www.trawlerphotos.co.uk)

John Lewis & Sons
Don Fishing Company Limited
length 87' x breadth 21' x depth 11'
gross tonnage: 115 ton

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