Official Number
Yard Number: 241
Registered 21 December 1885

Renamed: KENEH (1905)

Description: Two decks, two masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clench built, no gallery, no head, iron framework, spar decked, five bulkheads, water ballast tanks in double bottoms.
Engine details: Steam, screw, one set, direct acting triple expanding, surface condensing, 19"x30"x50" with 36" stroke, 170 HP, 793.6 IHP by Hall Russell.
Number 2 steel boiler, 11'9" in diameter, 9'6" in length, 6 corrugated 36" furnaces with 2000 square feet heating area and 150 psi.
Propeller: 14'6" in diameter, solid 4-bladed cast iron.

Originally solely a cargo ship but was altered in 1897 by Hall Russell to provide accommodation for nearly 300 passengers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd class; advertised in Aberdeen Journal February 1897 as 'with electric light throughout... saloon had walls panelled in mahogany and bird's-eye maple.' There were 'a number of bathrooms' and 'the steerage accommodation is of a very comfortable description.'
She sailed from Aberdeen 16th February 1897 for Middlesbrough, London and South Africa.

In 1892 she was transferred to the Durban-Quelimane coastal service.

In September 1905 she was sold to Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Co., Ltd London and renamed KENEH.

In March 1930, this vessel was sold by Khedivial Mail Steamship and Graving Dock Co., London to Italian shipbreakers for about £3,000.

Glasgow Herald, 23/3/1886:
Port Natal, 20 March - steamer MATABELE arrived from London.

Standard, 18/6/1886:
Port Natal direct - the favourite regular steamer MATABELE is now loading London Docks. J Rennie Son & Co., 6 East India Av.

Standard, 5/8/1886:
MATABELE arrived Port Natal 4 Aug.

Standard, 25/10/1886:
South African gold fields - MATABELE, direct steamer, will sail for Port Natal 4 Nov. from London Docks. For passage apply Bullard, King & Co. or John T. Rennie, Son & Co.

Standard, 17/11/1886:
Las Palmas, 16 Nov., MATABELE left for London.

Freeman's Journal, 9/7/1887:
MATABELE, steamer, arrived London and reports off Finisterre 3 July was run into by steamer EXCELSIOR, damaging her stern and several plates on her bow. EXCELSIOR reported damage trifling and proceeded.

Dundee Courier, 10/8/1887:
RE collision between MATABELE and EXCESLSIOR off Cape Finisterre 3 July, Court of Admiralty found that MATABELE was alone to blame. EXCELSIOR kept a right and prudent course, but MATABELE had manoeuvred for the sounds right ahead. Judgement for EXCELSIOR owners with costs.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 5/7/1889:
Steamer MATABELE, London for Natal, grounded on the shambles, Portland, Dorset, but has since been towed off by tug and is now in Portland harbour coaling.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 1/8/1896:
Aberdeen steamer MATABELE, for London, and steamer CHINA, outward bound, collided yesterday in the Thames at Greenwich Reach. Both proceeded. CHINA's stem slightly damaged, not known whether MATABELE received injury. MATABELE commanded by Capt. Findlay, and Aberdonian.

Birmingham Daily Post, 17/1/1900:
War in South Africa, Durban 15 Jan. - steamer MATABELE arrived today from Delagoa Bay, amongst her passengers over 200 men and women who have escaped from Orange Free State to avoid commandeering and general bad treatment.

Birmingham Daily Post, 28/3/1900:
Durban, 26 March - Rennie steamer MATABELE was brought into Roadstead yesterday by gunboat MAGICIENI, by which she was overhauled off Delagoa Bay. Appears MATABELE had cheap Transvaal coal in her bunkers, which she had taken up at Loranzo Marques. Released today.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J T Rennie
length 250 7/12' x breadth 35 1/12' x depth 24 1/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1556 ton

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