Official Number
Yard Number: 186
Date of Build/Launch: April 1873

Registered Dundee

1874: Master M'Ketchnie
1875/76/77/78: Master J. Mudie; Surveyed Newcastle (1876)
1880: Surveyed Sunderland
1881: Master Mudie
1882: Owner H. T. Morton, Biddick Hall, Sunderland; Registered Sunderland
1883: Master J. Baker; Owner Earl of Durham
1884: Master Murton, London registered.
1896: Owner Lambton Collieries Ltd., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, T. T. Nicholson, Manager.
1898: Master Z. A. Lucas; Owner Lambton Collieries (T. T. Nicholson, Manager)
1903: Owners A. Tobias, Brake, Germany.
1905: Foundered 85 miles west north west of Borkum whilst on passage from Burntisland to Borkum with coal, on September 9th.

Dundee Courier, 30/5/1873:
Steamer MATIN, belonging to R.H. Mudie & Son, coal agents, arrived here Tuesday on her first voyage - with 760 tons coal from Newcastle on draught of 14ft and average 9 and a half knots.

Dundee Courier, 12/6/1873:
MATIN was returning from Sunderland with full cargo of coals and while entering King William dock struck wharf with great force, carrying away great part of woodwork and breaking stem from heel to within short distance of top. Water began to flow plentifully into fore part of vessel. She was speedily drawn to north side of tidal basin and lighter having been placed alongside, men at once began to discharge cargo. She will then be placed on patent slip for repair. Master is Capt. McKechnie.

Daily News, 3/8/1876:
Collision occurred yesterday at mouth of Tay between steamers MATIN, Capt. Mudie, Sunderland-Dundee and steamer CELT, Dundee-Leith. CELT struck MATIN amidships on starboard side, cutting her down below the waterline. As MATIN began to sink she was run ashore. CELT had her stem knocked to pieces and also had to be run ashore. [5/8/1876: MATIN placed in old craving dock for repair.]

Dundee Courier, 21/11/1876:
Steamer MATIN, Capt. Mudie, Dundee-Sunderland, came speedily to assistance of steamer ANGLICA, Dundee-London with cargo and passengers, ashore about 3 miles north of holy island. With aid of HARVEST QUEEN, MATIN succeeded in towing her off and took her to St. Abbs Head. MATIN then left for Dundee to get assistance, took aboard tow rope and returned with 2 tugs. The four rescue vessels, with ANGLICA in tow, arrived Dundee yesterday.

Newcastle Courant, 1/12/1876:
Owners of steamer MATIN, of Dundee, received letter from Capt. Mudie, arrived Ostend, with details of collision off Whitby with brigantine VENTURE of Lynn. Last Thursday at 4am he made carful survey with his glass and saw no lights, then went below, instructing 2nd mate to keep good lookout. After about 2 minutes engines were stopped, MATIN having collided with VENTURE, which showed no light. MATIN picked up VENTURE's crew of 4 and cruised around till dawn, but found no trace of missing vessel. Captain and crew of VENTURE were placed aboard a smack and landed at Scarborough. MATIN sustained very little injury.

Newcastle Courant, 14/2/1879:
Sunderland pilotage commission - Pilot summoned to explain why steamer MATIN went aground on the bar on 13 January. He explained that, as they were trying to turn vessel round the stone head, she would not answer her starboard helm and they had to bring her astern, when she struck ground. Board satisfied.

Dundee Courier, 3/5/1881:
Funeral at Dundee of Capt. James Mudie of steamer MATIN. While navigating up Thames he fell down of deck and suddenly expired. His body was brought to Dundee aboard CAMBRIA and funeral took place from that vessel. Ships in harbour flew flags at half mast as token of respect for deceased, who was much esteemed.

Glasgow Herald, 6/11/1882:
Steamer MATIN, Honfleur-Sunderland in ballast, came ashore 2:30am in heavy gale and strong sea, at Camber coastguard station near Rye. Crew of 16 taken off by Rye lifeboat, Captain remaining.

Northern Echo, 4/12/1882:
Board of Trade enquiry at Sunderland into stranding of Lambton steamer MATIN at Camber. Capt. Baker, 20 years in Lambton service, was reprimanded for not having proper and efficient charts.

Freeman's Journal, 1/1/1886:
Steamer MATIN, for Sunderland, detained at Trouville with loss of propeller and tail end of shaft broken.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 16/3/1887:
Through collision with steamer MATIN in river at Sunderland 9 March, steamer FENTON had 3 plates in port side damaged.

Northern Echo, 27/9/1889:
Steamer MATIN, Sunderland-Aberdeen, was towed into Shields this evening with tail end of shaft broken.

Western Mail, 27/12/1900:
MATIN, steamer of Sunderland, took ground entering Pool harbour, but floated under own steam. No damage.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & R Mudie, Aberdeen
length 175 5/12' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 560 ton

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