Official Number
Rig: SHIP, barque
Yard Number: 262
Date of Build/Launch: May 1869

Owner: Shirras, Aberdeen

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered Aberdeen 02/07/1869.
Description: 2 decks, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, and demi female figurehead.
Original Owners: William Shirras, Manufacturer (22 shares); James Laing, Ironmonger (21); John Leslie, Master Mariner (21); [all Aberdeen].
08/10/1874: On death of Laing, 5 shares to David Logan Shirras, Manufacturer, Aberdeen; 8 shares to Walter Savill, Shipowner and 8 shares to James William Temple, Shipowner [both of Leadenham St., London]; William Shirras 1 share to D.L. Shirras.
10/02/1888: Vessel became total wreck near Camp Bay in Lyttleton Harbour, New Zealand.

Lloyd's Register:
1973-4: Owners W. Shirras, Port belonging to Aberdeen, Master J. Leslie, Destined voyage London - New Zealand.
1876-7, 1877-8, 1878-9, 1879-80: Owner Shirras, Master R. Tatchell.
1880-1, 1881-2, 1882-3, 1888-9: Owner J. Leslie, Master G. Colville.
[1882-3: Port of Survey Auckland; 1888-9: Port of Survey London; wrecked].

Aberdeen Journal, 02/06/1875:
MAY QUEEN, ship, of Aberdeen, passed Prawle Point [S. Devon] 28 May from Otago for London.

Sydney Morning Herald, 09/12/1875:
Queenscliff [near Geelong, Victoria] - MAY QUEEN, barque, arrived from Foochow.

South Australian Register, 27/06/1879:
London, 24 June - arrived MAY QUEEN from Auckland 28 March.

Sydney Morning Herald, 13/02/1880 and 19/02/1880:
Adelaide - 11 Feb. arrived MAY QUEEN, barque, from Mauritius, 16 Feb left Adelaide for Melbourne.

Glasgow Herald, 10/06/1880: St. Catherine's Point [Isle of Wight] June 9, MAY QUEEN, ship, of Aberdeen, New Zealand for London.

S. Australian Advertiser, 04/09/1880:
London, 1 Sept. - arrived MAY QUEEN, barque, from Port MacDonnell, sailed 1 May.

Belfast Newsletter, 20/07/1881:
New Zealand emigration, special settlements east coast. The favourite clipper ship MAY QUEEN to sail to Auckland about 25 August. Special arrangements made for conveying families and parties at reduced rates.

S. Australian Register, 28/07/1881:
London, 23 July - arrived MAY QUEEN from Bluff Harbour [N.Z., S. Island] 16 April.

S. Australian Advertiser, 1/7/1884:
London, 28 June - arrived MAY QUEEN from Camaru [Brazil] 10 March.

S. Australian Register, 18/6/1885:
London, 15 June - arrived MAY QUEEN from Port Chalmers [N.Z., S. Island] 3 March.

Bendigo Advertiser and Sydney Morning Herald, 28/1/1888; S. Australian Weekly Chronicle, 4/2/1888:
Barque MAY QUEEN, London 26 October, for Lyttleton [N.Z.] went ashore Camp Bay 26 January, having struck on a reef. She lay ashore with cargo worth £22,000 and with 9 ft. water in the hold. She is owned by Mr. Leslie of Aberdeen. As she was likely to become a total wreck she was abandoned to the underwriters.

S. Australian Advertiser, 31/1/1888:
600 tons cargo have so far been recovered from wreck of barque MAY QUEEN.

Newcastle (N.S.W.) Morning Herald, 7/2/1888:
Hull of wrecked barque MAY QUEEN was sold at auction at Lyttleton for £275. Cargo auctioned for £2,000 (part of it has been saved)
A. HALL & Co.
length 178.6' x breadth 31.2' x depth 19'
gross tonnage 733 tons

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