Official Number
Date of Build/Launch: October 1870


Owner: J. Ewen & Co., Sydney
Agents: J. Fraser & Co. Sydney

Builder's List:
Owners J. Ewen & Co.; Port belonging to Sydney, Australia.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1871-72: Owners J. Ewen & Co.; Master J. Carson; Port belonging to Sydney; Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1876-77, 1877-78, 1880-81: Owners Belbin & Dowdell; Master J. Riddle; Port belonging to Hobart, Tasmania; Port of Survey Hong Kong 7/78.
1884-85: Owner C. Dowdell & Co.; Port belonging to and Port of survey Hobart, Tasmania; Master H. Boon.
1886-87, 1888-89, 1890-91, 1892-93: Owners R. Honey; Port belonging to Adelaide; Master T. Asken.
1896-97: Owners Awginctjo; Port of Registry Banjermaer (Dutch); Master Hadje Abdulla; Lost November 1896.

Sydney Morning Herald, 13/04/1871:
3 masted schooner MARY BLAIR, built at Aberdeen to order of Messrs Fraser & Co. [Agents] and intended to the China Trade, arrived yesterday from Adelaide. She is truly a really beautiful vessel and justifies all the excellent reports made re. her admirable lines.

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/04/1871:
Cleared Sydney 20 April - MARY BLAIR, schooner, 328 tons, Captain Carson, for Foo Chow.

Sydney Morning Herald, 26/09/1871:
Clipper schooner MARY BLAIR (arrived Sydney 18 Sept). is now turning out her cargo of tea from Foo Chow in splendid order: not a single stained package has as yet been discovered. (Cleared 29 Sept. for Hong Kong - Sydney Morning Herald, 30/09/1871).

Sydney Morning Herald, 15/03/1872:
MARY BLAIR, Capt. Carson, arrived Sydney 14 March from Foo Chow 11 January.

Sydney Morning Herald, 25/03/1872:
Capt. Carson reports he followed advice of Book of Directions that a better passage could be made this time of year by coming the North Pacific route than down the China Sea. But he got nothing but light head winds and calms. What islands were seen coming and going by this route are most incorrectly laid down in the chart and almost all of them have extensive reefs lying out from them. [Planning to convert vessel to a barque].

Sydney Morning Herald, 27/06/1873:
MARY BLAIR cleared Sydney for Calcutta 26 June, Capt. Carson. Passengers - Mrs and Miss Carson.

Hobart (Tasmania) Mercury, 19/03/1879:
Projected departure from Hobart - MARY BLAIR for Lyttleton, N.Z.

South Australian Register (Adelaide), 06/12/1881:
MARY BLAIR arrived Melbourne from London.

Perth Daily News, 10/07/1883:
Arrived Fremantle [W. Australia] 9 July, MARY BLAIR, 328 tons, H. Boon, from Newcastle, N.S.W. 17 May.

Perth Enquirer, 22/10/1884:
MARY BLAIR, Boon, sailed Fremantle 20 Oct. for Dunedin, N.Z.

Perth Daily News, 05/09/1887:
MARY BLAIR, barque, arrived Fremantle from Bunbury (W. Australia).

Hobart Mercury, 18/06/1888:
MARY BLAIR cleared out from Fremantle 11 June for South Australia.

Colac (Victoria) Herald, 17/07/1891:
Heavy rains around Perth and river running abnormally high. American schooner EVA LYNCH was blown towards the shore, unable to stand buffeting of heavy seas. She collided with schooner MARY BLAIR, inflicting severe injuries to latter's bulwarks.

Western Australian (Perth), 20/02/1892:
Barque MARY BLAIR arrived 19 Feb. from Fremantle for Albany [W. Australia].

Western Australian, 31/08/1892:
MARY BLAIR due Perth for Singapore.
length 141.6' x breadth 27' x depth 14.6'
gross tonnage 328 tons

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