Official Number
Yard Number: 665
Description: Sailing Vessel
First Registered at Aberdeen on 17/09/1853

Construction: Wood with Yellow Metal and Iron Bolts.
1 Poop and Forecastle Decks, 3 Masts, Standing Bowsprit, Round Sterned, Carvel Built, 1 Gallery, Female Figurehead, Framework and planking of wood.
Lloyd's Classification: A1

Subscribing Owners:
Isaac Merchant, Shipmaster, 16/64
James Burgess, Shipmaster, 4.64
Walter Hood, Shipbuilder, 4/64
(all of Aberdeen)

Other Owners:
George Thomson Jr., Shipmaster, 32/64
William Anderson, Builder, 8/64
(both of Aberdeen)

Sold to Cowlislaw Bros of Sydney in 1870.
In December 1879 it left Sydney for Shanghai, coal-laden, with Captain Webb in command, and the following June was condemned and broken up at Amoy.

1856/1873: London - Sydney
1873/1880: Sydney

Repairs Undertaken: 1867/1870/1873

17/09/1853: Isaac Merchant
1856/1858: I. Merchant
1859/1862: W. Mitchell
1862/1870: James Scott
1871: D. Bain
1872: Gilbert Harrison
1873: D. Bain
1874/1880: Alfred Webb

Mariners and ships in Australian Waters


of Aberdeen, DAVID BAIN MASTER, Burthen 665 Tons
from the Port of LONDON to SYDNEY, New South Wales, 26th June, 1872

Surname; Given name; Station; Age; Of what Nation; Status; Comments
Bain; David; Captain; Crew
Hutchison; T.; 1st Mate; 27; Glasgow; Crew; Passengers Nil
Watson; William; 2nd Mate; 41; Aberdeen; Crew
Smith; William; Carpenter; 37; Peterhead; Crew
Dingwell; George; Sailmaker; 26; Aberdeen; Crew
Earee; A. C.; Steward; 22; London; Crew
Stirling (Sheehan) Patrick Cook 24; Cork; Crew
Bailey; William; A. B.; 27; Bristol; Crew
Wittebol; C. L;. A. B. 50; Amsterdam; Crew
Quidah (Qualeh); John; A. B. 25; Ryde; Crew
Sevill; Samuel; A. B.; 25; Rye; Crew
Wilson; John; A. B.; 40; Sweden; Crew
Smith; Alexander; A. B.; 53; Sweden; Crew
Cox; W. R.; A. B.; 38; Torquay; Crew
Thomas; John; A. B.; 30; Liverpool; Crew
Talbot; Frederick; A. B.; 22; Denmark; Crew
Koller; Harris; A. B.; 29; Denmark; Crew
Hennessey; E.; A. B.; 19; London; Crew
Brow;n Charles; A. B.; 33; Leghorn; Crew
Clerke; Peter; O. S.; 18; London; Crew
Amos; George Mont; Apprentice; 18; London; Crew
Hilson; George Samuel; Apprentice; 14; London; Crew
Toole; Walter William; Apprentice; 17; London; Crew
Buller; Edward John; Apprentice; 18; London; Crew

Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; CGS 13278, Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; X126- 127 SR Reel 427, 1872. Transcribed by Mary-Anne Warner, September, 1999.

Mariners and ships in Australian Waters


of Sydney, ALFRED WILLIAM WEBB, Master, Burthen 643 Tons
from the Port of TAKAO to SYDNEY, New South Wales, 26th May 1877

Surname; Given name; Station; Age; Of what Nation; Status; Comments
Webb; Alfred William; Captain; Crew
Wood; George P.; 1st Mate; 25; Belfast; Crew; Passengers
Brown; W. E.; 2nd Mate; 57; Hull; Crew; Nil.
Young; William; Carpenter; 49; Finland; Crew
Potter; James; C & S; 30; London; Crew
Webster; Edward; Ab; 21; England; Crew
Jackson; William; Ab; 2; London; Crew
Matthews; Edward; Ab; 21; England; Crew
Maxwell; Harry; Ab; 23; New Brunswick; Crew
Anderson; Michael; Ab; 25; Norway; Crew
Bauer; James A.; Ab; 25; Wooller; Crew

Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; CGS 13278, Passengers Arriving 1855 - 1922; X136-138, SR Reel 435, 1877. Transcribed by Tamea Willcocks, 2003.
Additional information:

In February 1862 the Water Police Court convicted Carl Baker, a seaman of desertion from the ship and sentenced him to 4 weeks of hard labour

In November 1862 The Water Police Court found John Collins guilty of stealing a canary bird, which was property of the steward, from a cage on board and was given the choice of a fine of £5 or 30 days.

On 24 September went from Sydney to London. Carrying 21 passengers. Cargo: 993 bales of wool, 19 bales of sheepskin, 8 bales and 6 bags of cotton, 115 casks of coconut oil, 232 casks of tallow, 6547 hides, 4 calf skins, 13,790 bones, 549 bags of Gum, 186 casks and 1 case of wine, 2 cases leather, 1 case wat.

On 15 march 1867 arrived in Sydney from Portland after 100 days.

On 29 December 1869 arrived in Sydney, 91 days from the Lizard

On 3 December 1870 passed Cape Town 96 days after leaving London. Arrived in Sydney in excellent order after a journey of 100 days from London-Sydney.

On 17 January 1871 left Sydney for London. A large amount of her cargo was flour.

On 21 March 1872 left Devon and had 5 days of strong N.W Gales. Had poor W.E trades. Crossed the equator on 18 April in 22 west. Had variable Southerly weather in S.E trades. Passed Meridian of Cape of Good Hope on 21 May. Went easterly down in 42 south with very unsettles weather and high seas. Passed Cape Otway 22 June and Sydney 25 June. Left Sydney 26 July for Auckland (Capt.Harrison).

On 12 December arrived in Sydney from Adelaide after a good run of 5 and a half days. Carrying a small quantity of cargo. Loaded coal in Sydney. On 24 December left Sydney for Adelaide. (Capt.Bremer).

Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 161' x breadth 28 1/6' x depth 19 1/3'
Registered Tonnage: 665 ton (later revised to 756 tons)

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