Official Number
Rig: BARQUE (ship from 1866-67)
Type: Sailing
Date of Build/Launch: March 1852
Condemned: c. 1887

Description: one and a half poop decks, 3 masts, barque rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, immitation galleries, male figurehead.

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered Aberdeen 08/04/1852. 1 and a half poop decks; 3 masts; male figurehead; James Munro Master.
Subscribing Owners: James Munro, Aberdeen, Shipmaster (32 shares).
Other Owners: Peter Edward Tailor, London (32).
03/03/1853: James Munro endorsed Master in London in room of James Aberdour Christie.
15/12/1854: Registered de Novo at London.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1852: Owners Munro and Co. Master J. Munro. Destined voyage Aberdeen-China.
1855, 1858, 1861: Master J. Munro.
1866-7, 1869-70, 1870-1: Owner Munro and Co. Master G. Hay. Destined voyage London-Australia. SHIP. (Also 1875-6).
1876-7, 1877-8: Owner J. Merriman. Master G. Hay. Port belonging to Sydney.
1879-80, 1880-1: Owner B. Jenkins. Master G. Hay. Port belonging to Sydney.
1882-3, 1884-5, 1885-6: Owner J. Henderson. Master G. Hay. Port belonging to Sydney.
1886-7: Owner J. Henderson. Port belonging to Newcastle, NSW. "Condemned".

Daily News, 31/03/1852:
For Shanghai direct, the new first class Aberdeen clipper ship "JOHN KNOX", J. Munro Commander, will load in the West India Docks, London. This splendid vessel is built by Messrs. Hood & Co., the builders of the clippers JOHN BUNYAN, PHOENICIAN, etc. has excellent accommodation for passengers.

Aberdeen Journal, 03/01/1855:
The JOHN KNOX (ship) of Aberdeen broke her shear and went on shore in the mud near Jack-in-the-Basket this morning, but hove off with assistance and is now brought up off Lymington [Hampshire].

Aberdeen Journal, 15/09/1858:
Gold Regions - for Vancouver Island; the A1 ship "JOHN KNOX", now in this harbour... application may be made on board the vessel to Captain Munro or to Henry C. Oswald, 26 Marischal Street, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Journal, 02/03/1864:
JOHN KNOX, ship, off St. Helena, 11 January.

Australian Newspapers Online:

Brisbane Courier: 17/12/1869, 26/01/1870, 21/03/1870, 03/06/1870, 29/09/1870, 29/12/1870, 02/03/1874, 09/06/1874:
Showing regular voyages Sydney to/from Lyttleton/Port Cooper, New Zealand.

Maitland Mercury, 10/02/1881:
Barque John Knox, which left Sydney for Lyttleton, NZ, 7th inst met with very rough weather. A heavy sea broke aboard, carrying away boat and gallery, also swamping all cooking utensils. The sea filled the decks, placing the barque in a critical condition and breaking away considerable portion of bulwarks. Captain decided to come back to port.
Munro & Co,. Aberdeen
length 128 3/6' x breadth 22' x depth 14'
Registered Tonnage: 296ton

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