Official Number

Launched in March 1876
Registered at Aberdeen 3 May 1876

2 decks, 3 masts, 3/4 male figurehead

1877: R. Master Kemball
1883-85: Master Smith
1894: Master until wrecked Capt. W. T. Poppy

Initial owners William Henderson, shipowner, Aberdeen (8 shares); William Henderson, Cornelius Thompson and Stephen Thompson, 24 Leadenhall Street, London (jointly 40 shares), James Buyers, shipowner, Aberdeen (4 shares) Isaac Merchant, shipmaster, 24 Leadenhall Street, London (4 shares); George Hawkins Pile, shipmaster, Dublin (4 shares); John Hood, shipowner, Bristol (4 shares).
28th June 1876 Henderson sold 8 shares to Robert Kemball, shipmaster, Bow
21st September 1877 Death of Stephen Thompson, 40 shares now jointly owned by William Henderson and Cornelius Thompson.
19th June 1878 - on death of George Pile his 4 shares go to Thomas Pile, merchant, Sandymount, and William Mervin Lawrence, toy manufacturer, Dublin (jointly).
27th June 1878 - Pile and Lawrence 4 shares to William Henderson and Cornelius Thompson.
3rd January 1879 - W. Henderson and C. Thompson 8 shares to George Thompson youngest, Binghill, Aberdeenshire, shipowner. 32 shares now W. Henderson, C. Thompson, Stephen Thompson and George Thompson Henderson (jointly).
24th April 1888 - after death of Kemball 8 shares to his widow Mary Jane Kemball, Bridport, Dorset.

This vessel was well known as a clipper on the Australia trade carrying cargo and passengers and was the flagship of the Aberdeen White Star Line.

On her maiden voyage she sailed from London to Port Phillip, Australia in 74 days and once made 320 miles in 24 hours.

28th May 1903 Left Catela Buena, Chile for San Francisco with a cargo of nitrate and soda and, despite searches, was never heard of again.

Daily News, 03/07/1885:
Capt. Kemball of the ship ARISTIDES, which sailed from Melbourne 16th February for London and arrived 31 May, reports having seen the ship NORTH AMERICAN, now missing, on 27 Feb Lat. 45.52S, Long. 16S.32E [S.E. of Fiji]. Spoke her with flags - all well.

Pall Mall Gazette, 25/04/1887:
The Aberdeen Line - passage to Australia. The favourite clipper ship ARISTIDES will be despatched from E. India Docks, London, 5 May, taking saloon passengers to Melbourne and at through rates to other Australian ports. A surgeon will be carried. Particulars from owners, George Thompson & Co., 24 Leadenhall St., EC.

Liverpool Mercury, 25/03/1890:
Dover - ARISTIDES, ship, from Sydney for London, in tow of ANGLIA, tug.

Glasgow Herald, 29/11/1895:
French barque TERRE NEUVE abandoned at sea Long. 76E [Indian Ocean]. All on board saved and brought to Sydney by British ship ARISTIDES.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 06/04/1896:
Aberdeen Line ship ARISTIDES, Master Poppy, left Sydney for London previous to 4 April.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/07/1897:
ARISTIDES, ship, Poppy Master, passed Prawles Point [Devon] 24 June from London for Sydney.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/10/1897:
ARISTIDES, ship, Poppy Master, left Newcastle, New South Wales, 18 October for San Francisco.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 24/02/1898:
ARISTIDES, ship, Poppy Master, 30 January at Talcanhuano [Peru] from Carrigal.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 04/04/1898:
Left Talcanhuano for U.K. 12 March.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 16/09/1898:
Left London for Sydney 9 Seept. (Poppy Master).

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 24/02/1899:
ARISTIDES left Sydney 2 Feb. for London.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 03/06/1899:
ARISTIDES passed Dover 13 May.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 15/03/1900:
ARISTIDES, Poppy Master, left San Francisco 6 March.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 261' x breadth 39' x depth 24'
gross tonnage 1721 ton
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