Official Number
Yard Number: 317
Date of Build/Launch: January 1884
Owner: Atkinson Bros (Register W. Hartlepool)

Renamed: HALFDAN (1910); F G REINHOLD; STURLA (1928)

Iron SCSR welldeck, Riveted
Engine: C2 cy 28" 54' 36 Blaikie Bros, Aberdeen

1910/11: Name now HALFDAN; Owner Angf. Aktieb. Gotebörg-Manchester; Götenborg Manager Kof Dalman.
1918/19: Owner H. Uner Akteb, Rob Göhle Man.
1925/26: Name now F. G. REINHOLD; Owner F. G. Reinhold, Danzig.
December 1928: Vessel was sold by F G Reinhold of Danzig to Italian buyers for £6,750 and renamed STURLA (from 'F G REINHOLD').
1937/38: Name STURLA; Owner Ignazio Messina, Genoa.
1941: On June 8th, STURLA was sunk by submarine gunfire, five miles off the coast of Maratea, in the Gulf of Policastro. (Ref: Wreck Site)

North East Daily Gazette, 7/8/1886:
At Hartlepool County Court, dispute over charter charge after 9 hour delay to steamer HIGHLANDS at Hartlepool for WISMAR [German], steamship owners J. Lohden, successful.

York Herald, 18/2/1888:
HIGHLANDS, British steamer and NEFLICHE, Egyptian steamer, collided at Gibraltar. Both slightly damaged.

Northern Echo, 4+5/3/1889:
British steamer HIGHLANDS, Kustenoje to Gibraltar with barley, aground near Gallipoli Old Lighthouse, moderate weather, following day refloated after lightening.

Newcastle Weekly Courant, 15/2/1890: Screw steamer HIGHLANDS arrived West Hartlepool with cargo of pig iron, being first ever imported here from Bilbao, result of high prices here.

North East Daily Gazette, 7/4/1890:
Steamer HIGHLANDS, Rouen to Middlesbrough, stranded at Dungebess, but got off with a tug.

Northern Echo, 8/4/1891:
British steamer HIGHLANDS returned from Riga damaged by ice.

Liverpool Mercury, 12/12/1891:
Steamer HIGHLANDS, Swansea to Bordeaux, returned to Penarth Roads with funnel gone and other damage, including bridge.

North East Daily Gazette, 7/1/1893:
Large number of people attracted to docks in West Hartlepool by extraordinary spectacle of steamer HIGHLANDS arrived from Memel literally sheathed in ice, her funnel, masts, rigging and deck house covered with frozen snow and ice accumulated on passage across North Sea. Captain Ross reported weather very severe.

Glasgow Herald, 10/5/1894:
British steamer HIGHLANDS put into Gibraltar with eccentric rod out of order.

Glasgow Herald, 27/4/1896:
British steamer HIGHLANDS, Riga to Hartlepool, put into Cariscrona with crank pin broken and bows chafed by ice.

Glasgow Herald, 9/2/1897:
British steamer HIGHLANDS, Bona [Algeria] to Rotterdam with mineral cargo collided at Cadiz with U.S. schooner HELEN G. MOSLEY, which was towed into port, full of water, by HIGHLANDS. HIGHLANDS had stem smashed and plated damaged.

Belfast Newsletter, 12/1/1898:
Freight rates - HIGHLANDS at Benicef [Algeria] to Stockton, prompt 7/9d.

Dundee Courier, 2/5/1898:
Ipswich - Steamer HIGHLANDS, while proceeding down river, grounded about 3 miles below the dock, but floated next tide.
A. HALL & Co.
length 230' x breadth 33.1' x depth 16.2'
gross tonnage 1147 tons

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