Yard Number: 237
Owner: James Anderson, London

Builder's List:
Owners James Anderson; Port of Registry London; Contract £14,445; £20 per ton

Lubbock, 'The Colonial Clippers':
Disappeared from the Register 1880. An Orient Line composite clipper. "During the sixties the Orient Line came to be known in Australia for the remarkable speed of its beautiful little composite clippers".

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
No reference 1865-66, 1866-67, 1867-68, 1870-71, 1873-74, 1877-78.

The Argus, Melbourne, 13/6/1864:
A magnificent clipper ship named the Goolwa has been launched from the building yard of Messrs Hall, Footdee, Aberdeen. The vessel is 717 tons register and will be classed 13 years as at Lloyd's. She will trade between London and Adelaide, Australia, and is the property of Messrs Anderson, Thomson and Co., London. She will be commanded by Captain Johnston. The Goolwa is a composite ship and has all the new and improved apparatus for swift sailing.

South Australian Register, 29th November 1866: Left Adelaide, Goolwa, ship, 717 tons, A Johnston master, for London, 6 passengers, cargo - wool hides, bark, copper & wine.

South Australian Register, 28th September 1869: Deaths - John Walter Douglas, aged 28, chief officer on ship Goolwa, washed overboard off Cape Horn, homeward bound from Adelaide.

South Australian Register, 13th September 1869: Goolwa, ship, 717 tons, A. Johnston, departed Adelaide for London via Port Augusta (South Australia) to load wool. cargo tiles and copper.

Sydney Morning Herald, 1st August 1872: Departed Newcastle, New South Wales, Goolwa, ship Johnston, for Wallaroo, South Australia with 900 tons coal.

South Australian Register, 28th April 1875: Civil action heard at Port Adelaide - cause of action arose in 1873 when capt. Johnston was in ship Goolwa. Plaintiff, Mr Wilson, said he engaged to deliver 1000 pairs of parrots to Captain Johnston, when he arrived at port Augusta to hand over last 2 or 3 cages (670 pairs) the ship was gone and birds, in consequence of exposure, died. Mr Wilson claimed captain Johnston had told him the ship would leave on October 20th and that he was there on October 11th to deliver them. Captain Johnston claimed he had set no date for last delivery of birds, but had tried to contact Mr Wilson before sailing. Magistrate found for Captain Johnston.

South Australian Register, 31st January 1880: Port Adelaide Police Court - R. W. Farquhar, steward, was charged by J. T. Torkelson, master of ship Goolwa, of refusing duty between 28th December and January 5th. He alleged steward would not weigh out flour to the crew, but estimated and on several occassions steward refused request to clean the cabin and told master to do it himself. Ordered to be imprisoned until rising of the court and to forfeit 5 days pay.

Sydney Morning Herald, 3rd July 1880: Goolwa, ship, arrived London 30th June from Adelaide, 2nd March.

South Australian Register, 16th April 1884: Adelaide Police Court - Capt. J. T. Torkelson stated his ship Goolwa belonged London and arrived at port Adelaide 3rd April. He alleged cook and steward had embezzled spirits, wines, beer and preserves valued at £3 from ship's stores. 2nd Officer at 12o'clock previous Saturday night had discovered them intoxicated near spirit locker, which was inspected and found to have been broken open. They were also seen trying to sell liquor to The Criterion Hotel. Sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment.

A. HALL & Co., Aberdeen
length 178.5' x breadth 30.6' x depth 18.8'
gross tonnage 717 tons

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