Official Number
Screw Steamer
Builder: Hall Russell & Co
Launched: January 1880
Yard Number: 217
Owner: John Stewart Lapraik, 7 Fenchurch St., London, 64 shares
Lost: 26/05/1904 Hainan Head, South China

Construction: Two Decks (awning deck 19.9ft), 2 Masts, Schooner Rigged, Clench Built, Iron Frame, No figurehead or galleries. 4 bulkheads.
1 double bottom tank holding 40 tons water.
Compound inverted 2 cylinder steam engine built by Hall Russell & Co. Aberdeen - 120H.P.
1 boiler of 80 lbs p.s.i.
Load line at 13 feet 8 inches.

Subsequent Owners:
1896 - 1898 Chinese Government (renamed SUN FOKIN )
1898 - 1904 Marty & D'Abbadie (renamed HOIHAO )

From 19th Century British Newspapers, 25 December 1880:
Messrs Hall Russell & Co. have built four steamers during 1880. The first vessel launched was the FOKIEN a screw steamer for Messrs Douglas Lapraik & Co. of Hong Kong for the Chinese Coasting trade.

From the Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25 January 1880:
Launch of a Vessel
There was launched from the building yard of Messrs Hall Russell & Co. of Footdee, on Monday, a finely modelled iron screw steamer, name of the FOLKIEN. This vessel has been built under special survey and classed at Lloyd's and will be fitted with compound surface condensing engines, steam winches, water ballast, patent windlass, and all the most approved appliances for facilitating loading and discharging cargo. She has splendid accommodation for about fifty first class passengers and 250 steerage passengers and is fitted fore and aft with large scuttles for light and ventilation. The FOKIEN has been built to the order of Messrs Douglas, Lapraik & Co, London for the China Coasting Trade where she will be commanded by Capt. Ashton. As the vessel left the ways she was gracefully named the FOKIEN by Miss Couper, Craigiebuckler, and afterwards taken to the sheer poles to receive masts and machinery.

24 February 1880: Sailed lightship (empty) from Aberdeen under Capt. Ashton bound for China.
4 March 1880: Passed Gibraltar.
20 April 1880: At Hong Kong.
28 April 1880: Left Swatow for Amoy - Coastwise.
30 August 1881: Severe typhoon raging at the ports of Tamsui and Kelung on the 25th and 26th inst. FOKIEN of Aberdeen Under Capt. Abbott was beached to prevent her dragging out to sea but was, afterwards, got out without apparent damage.
1882: Lloyd's Register gives Master's name as S. Ashton.
1883: Transferred to Douglas Steamship Co.
1884: Lloyd's Register gives Master's name as H.C.A. Harris and the owner as The Douglas Steamship Co. Ltd, Hong Kong.
1895: Sold to Francis Cass, Amony and resold to Chinese Government at Nanking. Name changed to SUN FOKIN in 1896.
1898: Lloyd's Register: SUN FOKIN and now registered in Shanghai, owned by the Chinese Government. Captain W. Paton. Special Survey No. 3 in April 1893 at Hong Kong suggesting name change then but not certain. No further information.
1898: Sold to Marty & d'Abbadie, Haiphong renamed HOIHAO.
26 May 1904: Wrecked on Hainan Head.

(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
(Source: www.theshiplist.com)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
D Lapraik & Co., Hong Kong
length 200 3/6' x breadth 28 7/12' x depth 13 1/12'
Gross Tonnage: 814 ton

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