Yard Number: 24

Construction: Wood part Fir, Single Deck with Beams, 2 Masts, Standing, Bowsprit, Square Sterned, Carvel Built, No Figure Head or Galleries, Sheathed with Copper, 2 Iron Cables

Subscribing Owners in 1827:
Robert Catto, 16 shares; William Catto, 20 shares; John Catto, 20 shares.
Other Shareholders:
William Donald Jnr., Merchant, 8 shares; all Aberdeen.

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1818/1826: G Watson
1827: G Watson / Alexander Sim
1828: Alexander Sim

1818/1826: Milne & Co, Aberdeen
18271828: Catto & Co, Aberdeen
1829: John Turnbull, Builder, Newcastle

1818/1819: Belfast/Quebec
1820/1824: Falmouth/Jamaica
1825/1827: Hull/Petersburgh
1828: Leith/Aberdeen

1824/1825: Some Repairs
Lloyds Classification A1
1827 E1 Second division of 1st Class

Caledonian Mercury, 31/08/1818:
Greenock, 28th August - arrived from Quebec brig EXPEDITION, Watson, sailed from there 21st July.

Caledonian Mercury, 19/04/1821:
Montego Bay, Jamaica, 10 Feb. - Fine droggin boat [type of West Indian coasting vessel] belonging to brig EXPEDITION, of Aberdeen, sailed from Flint River during late breezy weather and has not since been heard of. This is the second boat EXPEDITION has lost since her arrival and a third received considerable damage.

Aberdeen Journal, 01/10/1823:
For Jamaica, 1st class coppered brig, EXPEDITION, master George Watson is now on the berth and will sail for Montego Bay 1st Nov. Goods in quantity will be delivered at Falmouth or Lucca or any intermediate places. For freight or passage apply David Milne, Aberdeen.

Morning Post, 27/07/1826 (from Aberdeen Chronicle, 22/07/1826):
EXPEDITION, Watson, arrived Aberdeen Bay after fine passage of 44 days from Montego Bay. On 3rd June, while about 20 miles south of Carisford Reef, Florida Keys, was chased by a schooner which, on coming near, appeared to have a long gun amidships. The schooner, although named from a friendly port, having Tropic of Baltimore on her stern, gave chase to another brig, which she overhauled in an incredible short time, and was still alongside her at dark next day. From her manner of manoevering and other suspicious circumstances, there is every reason to believe her a pirate.

Newcastle Courant, 24/01/1829:
For sale by private contract, brig EXPEDITION, 180 tons, Peter Milne, master, now lying at Newcastle Quay. Built Aberdeen 1818, copper fastened and has been coppered. Stows a large cargo, carries about 14 kells coal, will bear the closest inspection being well found with useful stores and may be sent to sea without any extra expense. Apply to master aboard or to R. Blackbird & Co. Newcastle.

Essex Standard, 11/10/1839:
At Harwich, to be sold by auction 18th Oct. for benefit of owners & salvors, sundry stores and materials salvaged from brig EXPEDITION, of Newcastle, 180 tons, lately wrecked on Gunfleet Sand, comprising 90 fathoms chain, 4 sails with an excellent long boat and skiff.
A. HALL & Co.
length 80' 4" x breadth 23' 31/2" x depth 14' 0"
gross tonnage 180 62/94

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