Yard Number: 130

Owned by Aberdeen, Leith and Clyde Shipping Co.
Master Robert Mitchell
Registered at Aberdeen 26th May 1842; 1 deck, 2 masts, female figurehead.

Original joint owners; Alexander Brown, Robert Cutler, George Thompson, all merchants, Aberdeen. William Cutler trustee of other property in the vessel owned by Aberdeen, Leith & Clyde Shipping Co. of Aberdeen.

11th June 1842 master Leslie Dawson
16th October 1844 master John Rennie
1st February 1845 master William Service
9th April 1846 master John Booth
1st December 1847 master Andrew Thom
30th March 1852 master Robert Parrott

Aberdeen Journal, 10/8/1852:
The company's fast sailing clipper schooner Fairy continues to leave Leith every Saturday and Aberdeen every Wednesday, carrying goods between Glasgow and Aberdeen via Leith [i.e. via Forth and Clyde union canals] at reduced through rates in connection with Forth and Clyde Canal Co.'s vessels towed by steam. Robert Mitchell, manager in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Journal, 29/9/1852:
1st October will be the Queen's last voyage to Shetland this season. Her Majesty's Shetland mails will afterwards be carried by the clipper schooner Fairy [1st newspaper evidence of this practice, which appears to have continued till winter 1859-60]

Aberdeen Journal, 9/3/1853:
Shetland passage - clipper schooner Fairy, Captain R. Parrot, sails regularly between Aberdeen and Lerwick, carrying Her Majesty's mails and has very superior accommodation for the cabin and steerage passengers
Similar adverts in following issues of Aberdeen Journal:
19/10/1853 (last voyage of season of steamer Duke of Richmond 7 October)
8/3/1854 (Fairy, Capt. R. Parrot to sail between Aberdeen and Lerwick till 31 March, thereafter Duke of Richmond.)

[5th May 1854 master James Murray]
[16th July 1854 master Robert Parrott]

Further Adverts
21/11/1855: Master James Murray
8/10/1856: Master Hugh Geddes, will sail regularly Aberdeen - Lerwick after 8 October
28/10/1857: Master James Oakley.
3/3/1858: Master James Oakley.
29/12/1858: The Co.'s well known fast sailing clipper Fairy, Capt. Geddes, sails regularly between Aberdeen and Lerwick during winter. Excellent accommodation for passengers and large storage for goods and livestock - goods between Granton Pier and Lerwick carried at through rates.
28/12/1859: Master Hugh Geddes to take up station after last voyage of season of Prince Consort 30 November [last advert for Fairy Aberdeen - Lerwick 29/2/1860]

Aberdeen Post Office Directory 1860-61 owner Leith & Clyde Shipping Co. master Oakley, carried mail between Aberdeen and Wick in the winter.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/5/1860:
Adjourned public sale of clipper schooner Fairy to be sold by public roup in offices of Aberdeen, Leith and Clyde Shipping Co., 82 Marischal St., 22 May. This well known vessel is sheathed with yellow metal and has hitherto been employed in conveyance of H.M's Zetland mails between Aberdeen and Lerwick. Good cabin accommodation and from her fast sailing qualities admirably suited for a gentleman's pleasure yard or any other trade where speed an object: completely overhauled December last. To be sold as now lies in harbour of Aberdeen.

1861-62-63 owner A. R. Gray, master Murray.

Aberdeen Journal, 26/11/1862:
For sale by public auction Lemon Tree Tavern, 28 November, the well known clipper schooner Fairy, now lying in harbour of Aberdeen. Sheathed with yellow metal, sails very fast and is admirably adapted for any trade where a light draught of water is required. Will be sold with her stores as per inventory. Upset price £500 particulars from Joseph Wood, 43 Marischal Street [presumably sold to A.R. Gray some time after 1st sale notice and J.J. Kennedy some time after 2nd, as shown in Lloyd's Register]

1863-64 owner J. J. Kennedy, master Christie.
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A. HALL & Co.
length 99' x breadth 19' 9" x depth 12' 7"

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