1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, male figurehead.

Subscribing Owners 1842:
Henry Adamson, Merchant, 16 shares; James Shanks, Slater, 16 shares; Robert Williamson, Farmer, Bendauch, Dyce, 16 shares.
Other Shareholders:
Alexander Nicol, Merchant, Aberdeen, 16 shares.
John Thomson - Master 1842
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

The Aberdeen Lime Company was established in 1837, with company vessels generally carrying coal, lime and manure. Sailing vessels, such as Smithfield, also transported granite setts to London. These, covered with heather and wood chips, provided a floor for cattle also being shipped to London markets.

The vessel was built in 1842 at the Duthie shipyard for the Aberdeen Lime Company. This schooner sailed in the coasting trade from Aberdeen until its wreck in 1878.

1862: Master - Archibald; Owner/Agent: Aberdeen Lime Company.

Dundee Courier, 24/10/1873:
Schooner SMITHFIELD, belonging to Aberdeen Lime Co., arrived Aberdeen yesterday with cargo of coals from Sunderland. Captain reports vessel had been in collision with a steamer on night of 21 Oct. when off Blyth. Steamer struck SMITHFIELD with considerable force amidships on starboard side, carrying away her main gangway and damaging portion of bulwarks. One of SMITHFIELD'S crew jumped on board the steamer and was taken away. Night being dark and strong westerly wind blowing, name of steamer could not be seen, but is supposed she is the ALICE, of Grangemouth.

Dundee Cuorier, 15/03/1875:
Aberdeen - schooner SMITHFIELD was seen on Saturday morning to be on fire. Vessel had been leaking a good deal and water had found its way into hold full of lime, creating fire, which it will be difficult to quench. Deck is being covered with sand to try to put out fire.

Aberdeen Journal, 31/03/1875:
For sale by public roup 3 April, hull of schooner SMITHFIELD with her masts, spars, sails, ropes and other appurtenances. Hull is lying in old bed of River Dee at back of Aberdeen Lime Co.'s premises.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday 29/10/1878:
Heavy gale - wreck of schooner SMITHFIELD, of Aberdeen, on voyage from that town to London, stone laden - she got onto Hasborough Sands off Norfolk coast Sunday night. The lightship made distress signals and lifeboat British Workman put off from Pelling. Ship's boat with 6 men was found and men taken into lifeboat, which then proceeded to sunken vessel and rescued master from rigging.

Newcastle Courant, 06/12/1878:
Board of Trade enquiry at Aberdeen into cause of loss of schooner SMITHFIELD on Harborough Sands on 28 Oct. - court found through gross carelessness of Captain, in addition, Mate was not qualified to be second in command, having no certificate and being unfamiliar with the chart. Also crew were guilty of great breach of discipline in leaving vessel before there was immediate danger. Captain's certificate was returned to him.

Smithfield caught fire at sea in 1875, while bringing lime from Sunderland to Aberdeen. The crew brought the badly damaged vessel into port at Aberdeen; and put up for auction on 10 May 1875. Sold to Daniel Mearns, Aberdeen.

Lost on Haisboro' Sands 28 October 1878:

28/10/1878 - The schooner SMITHFIELD; owners D. Mearns and W. A. Crombie of Aberdeen wrecked at Haisborough Sand, Happisburgh, cargo stone, Capt. G. R. Crombie, voyage Aberdeen - London. The crew of the schooner SMITHFIELD of Aberdeen, which was wrecked on Hasbro' Sand on Monday, arrived at the Yarmouth Sailors' Home yesterday afternoon, where they will be attended to until sent to their homes. Palling, Monday afternoon, 28th Oct. about four o'clock this afternoon, during a fresh wind from the West, signals of distress were heard from the Hasbro Sand North Lightship. The 'British Workman' lifeboat, belonging to the National Lifeboat Association was accordingly launched as soon as possible, and when about three miles from the land she unfortunately fell in with a ship's boat containing six men, part of the crew of the schooner SMITHFIELD of Aberdeen, which vessel, whilst on a voyage to London, stone-laden had got on the sands during the night. The sailors were taken into the lifeboat, and on learning from them that the master had been left on board, the lifeboat proceeded to the vessel, which by that time had sunk and resuced him with much difficulty from the rigging. The boat returned to its station at two o'clock this afternoon. Vessel attended and lost in wind conditions NW force 6.
(Source: Shipwreck Index of the British isles, R. & B. Larn)

Aberdeen Lime Company Limited
length 96.4' x breadth 20.7' x depth 12.5'
gross tonnage 166 tons

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