Yard Number: 758
Shipbuilder: Hall Russell's

Steam trawler until 1948,
Oil engine 25 CSA

Renamed: ELSA (1946); MURTEN (1950); REMEX (1956); GHEDEM (1967)

Owned in 1946 by Skips A/S Storhaug, Stavanger and renamed ELSA.
Diesel fitted 1947.
In 1950 renamed MURTEN and owned by Keller Shipping Ltd, Basle.
In 1956 renamed REMEX and owned by U Gennari Fu Torquato & C. Ancona.
In 1967 renamed GHEDEM and owned by De Marzo Bros. Massawa, Ethiopia.

Built as steam trawler and used as such until the steam machinery was taken out and replaced by an engine made in 1942, installed in 1948. No trace of owners from 1941-1946 in Lloyds' 1949 register.

ELSA was a steam trawler built by Hall Russell's for Skips A/ Sstorhavg Sverre Meyer Knutsen (Manager) with a British auxiliaries engine Glasgow oil engine 28CSA 7Cy 9 3/16 - 16 9/16. The engine was made in 1942, refitted 1947. In 1948 it was converted from a trawler to a 2 hold general cargo ship. Not known where conversion was done. It was sold in 1950 to Kellar Shipping Ltd. Basle, Switzerland. It was then sold in 1956 to U. Gennari Fu Torquato & Co. (Rimini, Italy). In Lloyd 1960 reg. the ship is now owned by Vincenzo Muro & Figlio (Italy) and new engine installed to a 45A 6cy 320x450mm NE57 Klockner-Humboldt Deutz KLN. New owners were noted between 1960-67 as Giuseppe De Marzo (Genoa, Italy) in 1967 it is now owned by De Marzo Bros. (Massawa, Ethiopia). Renamed Ghedan. The ship last recorded in Lloyds in 1994 red as owned by the last named.

Not known is ship was working for the admiralty or sold in 1941 to private owners as not listed in Lloyd's as Quadrille.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 154.5' x breadth 27.6' x depth 14.2'
gross tonnage 511 tons

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