Official Number
Yard Number: 940

Launched 1968 by Janey Buchan, wife of Norman Buchan, MP and Under Secretary of State for Scotland.

2004 Lloyds Registry Entry:
Port of Registry Leith; Owners: Scottish Office;
Managers: Marr Vessel Management, St. Andrews Dock, Hull, UK

'MV CLUPEA was specifically designed and built as a dedicated Fishery Research Ship to the order of the UK government.

The ship is equipped with a full outfit of fishery and oceanographic handling, sampling equipment, and laboratory facilities. The ship's outfit has been augmented and modernised continuously since build.

The ship is operated under a turnkey management arrangement by Marr as a fully integrated fleet unit. The ship provides at-sea research and survey support to the activities of the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen.' (Marr Vessel Management Ltd.)

Management passed to private operators in 1991.

Marine Scotland; MV Clupea changes course from Research to Rescue, by Lyndsay Cruickshank:
"Marine Scotland's former research vessel Clupea has recently found a new vocation turning from research cruises to rescue missions. Now known as Sea-Watch 2, the MV Clupea underwent some major refit works in Hamburg, including the addition of a medical ward, to allow it to operate all year round and under bad weather conditions, when, unfortunately, many maritime accidents happen.

Financed by crowd-funding donations, the non-profit, non-government organisation (NGO) Sea Watch was able to buy the ship for their search and rescue (SAR) missions, leaving only weeks ago to take up rescue operations off the Libyan coast.

My Clupea was built in 1968 as a dedicated fishery research ship by order of the UK government then later sold to private operators in 2008.

We are delighted that a vessel we had commissioned has gone on to do such noble work - all the best Sea-Watch 2, you have made us proud."
(Source: Blog post on blogs.gov.scot website, 17th May 2016)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Dept Of Agriculture & Fisheries For Scotland
length 90 3/12' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 13 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 215 ton

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