Official Number
Yard Number: 925
Owner: Northern Trawlers Ltd; Manager: John A. Butt, Grimsby

Stern Fishing Freezer Trawler; 2 decks; welded

Engines Mirrlees National Stockport:
Oil 4SA 8cylinder 15"x20" Flex Coup & SR Gearing. C.P. prop.

Information from The Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal 28 (1) p12-13:
Sponsor at launch Mrs P. F. Duffen. Designed for fishing in distant waters. Vessel fishes over stern. Design incorporates new "tulip shaped" bulbous bow hull. Fish hold has capacity of over 500 tons. "Comfortable crew accommodation".
(1) Sponsor
(2) Launch party
(3) Conqueror
(4) Bridge
(5) Crew's mess
(6) Factory deck
(7) Spacious refrigerated fish hold

Change of owners to British United Trawlers (Grimsby) Ltd.

CONQUEROR was one of many stern freezer factory trawlers built by Hall Russell's for Hull & Grimsby owners in the 1960s to fish the distant waters of Greenland and Newfoundland for code which mainly were for Birds Eye and other fish factories.

CONQUEROR'S hull is identical to SIR FRED and LADY PARKES also built by Hall Russell. The only difference was three extra frames were added to midships making CONQUEROR 4' longer. The bows on these ships were redesigned during early construction as during model testing water was coming over the bow resulting in the new top design being wider and 18 inches higher, being named 'Tulip Bow'.

When the fish was caught it was put into large freezer units on the factory deck then dispatched to the large freezer hold. Fishing trips were roughly 2-3 months. A unique addition to these ships was a sealed, watertight, pipe with a search light mounted on the bow under the fore deck.

Ran aground in a severe winter storm (assumed heavy list to star on the rocks then slipped back in to deeper water) at Newlyn, 0.25 miles from Penzance Point, South Cornwall, 27 December 1977. The wreck was sold to Eurosalve Ltd and was declared a total loss on 30 January 1978. Nothing of wreck visible above water.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Northern Trawlers Ltd, Grimsby GY1364
length 200 3/6' x breadth 41 1/12' x depth 19'
gross tonnage 1157 ton

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