Official Number
Yard Number: 922

Port: Capetown
Flag: South African

ROCHEA was one of seven side fishing trawlers ordered by Irvin & Johnson of Cape Town, South Africa, from the Hall Russell shipyward that has built many fishing boats over the past years for Irvin & Johnson Company. Two stern fishing boats were also included inthe order. The first stern fishing boats owned by the company. Mrs G. C. Ridley performed the launch ceremony. Listed as ROCHEA in Lloyd's Register of Shipping until 1982/83 with same owners (Irvin & Johnson).

"Seven Sisters" Conventional Trawlers for South Africa by Hall Russell
"In addition to the two stern trawlers... Hall, Russell & Company Limited have launched seven conventional trawlers for Irvin & Johnson of Cape Town, South Africa. Five have been delivered to the owners and the last two are scheduled for delivery in April 1965.
Built under Lloyd's Special Survey to Class * 100 A1 "Motor Trawler", the principal dimensions are, length overall 139'-6", breadth moulded 26'-6", depth moulded to flush main deck 13'-9".
Fishing is carried out from the starboard side only and the resultant additional space available on the port side has been used to provide additional accommodation to ensure the greater comfort of the crew of 24.
The fibreglass insulated fishroom has a capacity of 8,600 cubic feet and is fitted with aluminium alloy posts and shelves.
The electric trawl winch of Holmes/Lektron type has two barrels each with a capacity of 1,160 fathoms of 2 3/4" circ. warp. Power for driving the winch is provided by a generating set driven from a forward extension from the main engine crankshaft.
A Class "C" 18'-0" fibreglass lifeboat is carried on the boat deck and is slung from a single arm mechanical type davit. Three 12-person inflatable liferafts are also carried.
Propelling machinery consists of a Burmeister & Wain Alpha type 497 VO, 7 cylinder, 2-stroke marine diesel engine developing 840 b.h.p. with hydraulic isolating clutch and hydraulically operated mechanism to the controllable pitch propeller.
Engine room auxiliaries with the exception of those driven from the main engine are electricaly operated.
Electric current is provided at 110 volts d.c. by a 40 k.w. diesel generating set and from a 25 k.w. generator which is belt driven from the main engine.

The Seven Sponsors
1. Mrs. H. C. Drayton - Begonia
2. Mrs. May Allen - Dahlia
3. Mrs. Gertrude Hersov - Erica
4. The Countess of Perth - Iris
5. Lady Harvie-Watt - Ixia
6. The Viscountess Hampden - Lupin
7. Mrs. G. C. Ridley - Rochea"

LR class withdrawn - Owner's request 11/66 - means that survey requirements had not been complied with.

ROCHEA was scuttled in 1985, place unkown.
(Source: F. Van Den Bosch, S.A.)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Irvin and Johnson (South Africa) Limited
length 121 5/6' x breadth 26 7/12' x depth 13 9/12'
gross tonnage: 340 ton

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