Official Number
Yard Number: 883
Type: Side Fishing Trawler

Date of Launch: 11 May 1960


Subsequent Names: ADMIRAL NELSON (1963-1982); GRAMPIAN ADMIRAL (1982-2010) A40

PRINCESS ROYAL was built for Carry On Fishing Co.

1962: Sold to Don Fishing Co. Aberdeen.
date?: Owned by Great Western F Co Ltd, Aberdeen A469.
1963: Renamed ADMIRAL NELSON and owned by Aberdeen Motor Trawlers Ltd.
1980: Converted to side trawler fishing.
1981: Owned by J Craig Ltd, Aberdeen. Converted to a motor stand-by safety vessel for offshore installations.
1982: Renamed the GRAMPIAN ADMIRAL. Owners now Aberdeen Motor Trawlers Ltd.
1986: Owner now The John Wood Group and George Craig & Sons Ltd.
1987: Owner still The John Wood Group and George Craig & Sons Ltd but now reverted to a side trawler.
1988: Owners now Importing Ltd., Aberdeen.
1991: Owner now James Rodrick, Aberdeen.
1994: Owner now Crossvend Ltd, Aberdeen.
2002: Owner now Fondo Fishing Ltd., Aberdeen.
2010: Ower still Fondo Fishing Ltd., Aberdeen.

This vessel was converted from fishing to stand by duties in 1980. She was then converted back to fishing in 1986 in the Spanish fishing layout style of fishing boats. Original engines at build of ship are still working on board.

As listed in the Lloyd's Register of Shipping 2010, GRAMPIAN ADMIRAL is still in operation and owned by Fondo Fishing Ltd (International Maritime Services Ltd) Aberdeen with licence no. A40. She fishes out and lands her fish in Spain where her owners reside.

Burntisland Group Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4, April 1961 p114-115:
The PRINCESS ROYAL was named by Mrs J.R.D. Murray. The PRINCESS ROYAL is the siter ship to the BOSTON WASP.
Photographs, p114:
i) Mrs J.R.D. Murray named the PRINCESS ROYAL
ii) The PRINCESS ROYAL entering the water at Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Carry On Fishing Company Limited
length 114 5/12' x breadth 26 1/12' x depth 13'
gross tonnage: 300 ton

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