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Capable (787) - Profile  Capable (787) - Profile

Yard Number: 787
Launched: 22 November 1945

Info. from Burntisland Hall Russell Journal Vol 20, No. 2, p37:
Named by Mrs J G B Shand of Cults.
"The tug is of the powerful twin-screw sea-going "Nimble" class. Oil burning".
Journal has photos of the following:
(1) Launch party
(2) As 'Capable' leaves the ways
(3) View of ship

Not listed in Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Class: NIMBLE Class Fleet Tug
Pennant No: W 171 / A 508
Fate: 18 July 1973 sold for breaking up

Background: There were 4 ships in this Class, 2 of which saw service as RFA's. They were designed for ocean towing, salvage and harbour duties and were fitted with spring towing hooks but not with towing winches. Bollard pull was approximately 30 tons. Complement 42. Armed during wartime with 1 x 12 pdr AA and 2 x 20 mm AA guns

1945: Ordered
22 November 1945: Launched by Hall, Russell & Co, Aberdeen as Yard Nr 787 named HMS CAPABLE
22 August 1946: Completed acceptance trials at Portsmouth
18 April 1951: Deployed to assist in the search for HMS/m Affray which failed to surface in the Channel and subsequently was found sunk off the island of Alderney.
1 April 1958: Transferred to the PAS at Portsmouth as CAPABLE
4 August 1960: With other tugs sailed with HMS Vanguard in tow from Portsmouth - The Battleship ran aground at Point, Old Portsmouth
20 May 1962: Twenty two members of the crew refused to man the ship (out of a PAS crew of 28) being in dispute over a pay claim. HMS Belfast could not sail from Portsmouth as a result.
August 1968: Damaged the frigate HMS ARETHUSA in collision.
30 December 1969: In collision with RFA OLNA (3)
June 1971: On loan at Portland.
27 September 1971: Transferred to Devonport.
6 October 1972: Approval given to dispose of her and destoring began.
March 1973: On the Disposal List Devonport
26 April 1973: Sailed Plymouth for the last time in tow of the tug WARRIOR
18 July 1973: Sold to Arnott Young for demolition at Dalmuir.

Source: www.historicalrfa.org/ships
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 165' 5" x breadth 34' 1" depth 18' 7"

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