Official Number
Yard Number: 644
Launched: 09/10/1918
Completed: 31/10/1918

"Strath" Class; Admiralty Number 4417

Engine: T.3-cyl by Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen

Renamed: JOHN MORRICE (1923)

08/1920: Slipped at Wivenhoe. Special Survey. Classed as a Steam Trawler.
24/08/1920: Registered at London (LO444).
Laid up 11/1921: Sold to Harry Alexander Holmes, Aberdeen.
07/11/1921: London registry closed.
22/11/1921: Registered at Aberdeen (A786).
30/12/1921: Registered at Aberdeen as JOHN MORRICE (A786).
1923: Owned by H. A. Holmes, Aberdeen as JOHN MORRICE (A786).
1926: Owned by A. M. Morrice, Aberdeen.
30/01/1929: Sold to George D. Taylor, Alexander Malcolm Morrice, Margaret Morrice, John Morrice & Mary Morrice, Aberdeen (H. A. Holmes, manager).
27/06/1938: Sold to George D. Taylor, Alexander Malcolm Morrice, John Morrice, Mary Jane Hardie Morrice, James Johnstone & William Davidson, Aberdeen (H. A. Holmes, manager).
28/03/1940: Sold to North Star Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (J. A. Harrow, manager).
1940: Fishing from Fleetwood.
09/03/1940: Fishing 12 miles NW of Tory Island, Co. Donegal in company with ALVIS (H52); FLYING ADMIRAL (H66); PELAGOS (GN55) and SEDOCK (GY123) and reported with the Irish trawler LEUKOS (D86) also in the vicinity. Group approached by U-boat (U.38) which fired a single round at a trawler, hitting her in the engineroom and she subsequently sank. Although no conclusive evidence confirms, the trawler probably was the LEUKOS; all eleven crew lost*.
06/1940: Slipped at Fleetwood.
1942: Returned to Aberdeen.
09/02/1946: Sold to The River Ness Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (George Craig, manager).
1947: Owned by River Ness Fishing Co. Ltd.
1948: Owned by J. Craig, Aberdeen.
07/09/1955: Company re-styled River Ness Fishing Co (1955) Ltd.
23/02/1959: Sold to John Lewis & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen for breaking up at Montrose.
09/1959: Sold to Atlantic Reederi F. & W. Joch, Hamburg for breaking up.
04/10/1959: Delivered Hamburg.
08/10/1959: Aberdeen registry closed.

(Lost* - Sk. James P. Thomason (28), Fleetwood & Dublin; William Donnelly, Blackpool, Mate; P. J. Scanlon, Cleethorpes, Bosun; Alexander McLeod, Stornoway, Ch Eng; Bernard Smith (23), Dublin, 2nd Eng; Thomas Mulligan, Fleetwood & Dublin & Anthony Pill, Fleetwood & Dublin, deckhands; Michael Cullen (17), Dublin, fireman; Patricio McCarthy (42) Dublin, cook; James Hawkins (17) Fleetwood & Dublin & Robert Sumler (16), Fleetwood & Dublin, apprentices)

Source: www.fleetwood-trawlers.info
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 115 3/12' x breadth 22 1/12' x depth 13'
gross tonnage: 203 ton

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