Yard Number: 463

10 March 1909, launched.
Requisitioned in August 1914 as minesweeping trawler.
Wrecked Sinclair Bay 26/12/1914.
In April 1915 salvaged and reacquired.
29 December 1915, owners R. Charlton, Grimsby (GY.820)
January 1916, owners Weston W. Crampin, Grimsby.
April 1917, requisitioned by Admirality, minesweeper at Lowestoft.
Renamed FAIR ISLE II in May 1917.
April 1918, Henry C. Baker and John I. Green, Grimsby.
Returned to owners, 1920, reverted FAIR ISLE.
February 1920, owned by J A Alcock, Grimsby.
November 1922, owned by J Nutley, Grimsby.
6 December 1922, owned by Robert Bell, Newhaven (GN.94).
22 September 1932, owned by Alexander Stewart Crockett, Aberdeen (A.214).
15 April 1933, tows the DULCIBELLE to Aberdeen from North Carr Rocks (http://www.plimsoll.org/resources/SCCLibraries/WreckReports/14062.asp)
23 October 1933, damaged rudder, towed to Aberdeen by BEN MEIDIE (SN.340)
In 1935, owned by Fair Fishing Co. Ltd, Aberdeen (A124)
In 1954 owned by J Cameron, Aberdeen.

Scrapped 1954.

Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11 March 1909:
'Messrs Hall, Russell, and Company, Ltd, launched from their yard at Footdee yesterday a steel screw trawler built to the order of Mr James Inglis, Leith. The new vessel, which will take the highest class in Lloyd's Register, is of the following dimensions - Length, b.p., 112ft.; breadth, 22ft.; and depth, 12ft. 6in. Steel boiler and triple-expansion engines will be supplied and fitted up by the builders.
The launch was witnessed by a large company of friends, and, as the vessel left the ways, she was christened Fair Isle by Miss Michael.
The company afterwards adjourned to the offices of the builders, where they were entertained by a cake and wine banquet. Mr James Hunter presided, and others present included Mr, Mrs and Miss Inglis, Miss Michael, Mr R Thomson, superintendent engineer, Leith; Mr Garden, Banchory; Mr James Y. Hunter, Mr James H. Anderson, Mr Francis Coutts, and Mr Reid, of Messrs Hall, Russell, and Company, Limited.
The Chairman proposed "Success to the Fair Isle." This was Mr Inglis' first vessel, but they all hoped she would be so successful that he would be back soon for another one. (Applause.)
Mr Inglis, in reply, expressed the hope that the chairman's kind wishes would be amply fulfilled. Times were not so good as they would wish them to be, but he felt that the period of depression would pass away, and bring prosperity in the near future. (Applause.)
The Fair Isle had taken the water in a business-like way that was a credit to the builders, whose health he asked the company to pledge. (Applause.)
Mr James H. Anderson responded.
Mr James Y. Hunter proposed "The Health of Miss Michael," and Mr Thomson replied; after which the proceedings terminated with the toast of "Bon-Accord."
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
James Inglis, Granton
length 112 3/12' x breadth 22 1/12' x depth 12 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 192 ton

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