Yard Number: 413

Owner at Launch: Creton, St. Nazaire

Triple expansion 3 cylinder steam engine, 55HP made by Hall Russell & Co, Ltd, Aberdeen.

1906: Owned by Sunderland Ice Co.
1926: Owned by G F Liston, Granton.
1932: Owned by Wear S F Cp. Ltd, Sunderland.
1938: Owned by Sunderland Ice Co. Ltd, Sunderland.
1940: Owned by J C Llewellin, Milford.
1943: Owned by P & J Johnstone, Aberdeen.
April 1944: Requisitioned in and converted to an Esso.
November 1944: Returned to owners.
1953: Owned by Scarborough Pure Ice & Cold Storage Co. Ltd. Aberdeen.
June 1956: Broken up in the U.K.
(Source: 'Royal Navy Trawlers')

1914-15: Owner Societe Anonyme des Chalutiers de L'Ouest at 27 Rue du Parc à L'Eah, St. Nazaire, France.
1920-21: Name appears as KERNEVEL (one word) and under the same owners as in 1914.
1925-26: KERNEVEL appears as owned by Societe Dieppoise D'Armem á La Peche, Managers given as Crespin, A. Pichard, Hutereau-Scossa & Companie, 9&11 Qua De La Cazerne, Dieppe, France. (This information is scored out and the name and owner changed to G. F. Liston of Granton, Scotland, gross tonnage changted to 172 tons re-registered L. Granton, Edinburgh.
1930-31: Owner G. F. Liston at 97, Lower Granton Road, Newhaven, Edinburgh. Offical Number 145005. Apparently a new boiler was made in 1931.
1937-38: Owner Sunderland Ice Co. Ltd with manager as C. Hall at the Fishmarket, Sunderland. Ship now registered in Sunderland.
1941-42: Owner Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd with B.A. Parkes as Manager at 238 Dock Street, Fleetwood. Vessel now registeredin Milford Haven.
1944-45: Owner Peter & J. Johnston Ltd at 186 Market Street, Aberdeen. Vessel registered in Aberdeen. (According to 'Royal Navy Trawlers' vessel requisitioned in April 1944 and returned to owners in November 1944).
1952-53: Owner Peter & J. Johnston Ltd at 186 Market Street, Aberdeen.
1954-55: Owner Scarborough Pure Ice & Cold Storage Company Ltd at 12 Quay Street, Scarborough, Yorkshire. Vessel still registered in Aberdeen.
1956: In the quarter ended 30th June 1956 vessel reported as bring broken up in the United Kingdom.
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Soc. Anon des Chalutiers de l'Ouest, St Nazaire
length 112 3/12' x breadth 21 7/12' x depth 12 3/6'
gross tonnage: 172 ton

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