Official Number
Yard Number: 303
Registered/Completion Date: 26 October 1897
Spar deck passenger cargo steamer

Renamed: TEGUCIGALPA (1914); CHASSERAL (1941); MAR CORRUSCO (1951)

Steam triple expansion engine, 25½" x 42½" x 69¼" with 45" stroke. 2267 i.h.p.

Number: 2
Diameter: 15'6"
Length: 18'0"
Heating Area (ft2): 7695
Furnaces: 2 x 2
Pressure (p.s.i.): 180

Diameter: 16'6"
Type: Solid
Material: Stone's manganese bronze

In October 1911 it was sold to Charente SS Co Ltd (T & J Harrison, Managers) Liverpool.
In February 1914, it was sold to Vaccaro Bros. & Co., Ceiba, Honduras and renamed TEGUCIGALPA.
In 1922, it was converted to oil fire.
In 1924, it was transferred to Standard Fruit & SS Co., Ceiba.
In 1933, ownership was transferred to Standard Navigation Corp. (Standard Fruit & SS Co. managers)
In March 1941, the vessel was sold to Swiss War Transport Office (Honegger & Ascott, managers) Basle and named CHASSERAL.
In 1947, it was sold to Nautilus S A. Basle.
In 1951, it was sold to Franco Maresca, Genoa and named MAR CORRUSCO.
In October 1953, it was broken up at Savona by 'A.R.D.E.M.'

History, Comments & Sources:

INGELI - Zulu for cold, snow or sleet, also mountain range in KwaZulu Natal.

Order Book:
10/1911: Owners Charente SS Co Ltd (T & J Harrison, Managers) Liverpool. w
02/1914: Owners Vaccaro Bros. & Co., Ceiba, Honduras, renamed TEGUCIGALPA. w
1922: Converted to oil fired. w
1924: Owners Standard Fruit & SS Co., Ceiba. w
1933: Owners Standard Navigation Corp. (Standard Fruit & SS Co. managers). w
03/1941: Owners Swiss War Transport Office, Basle, renamed CHASSERAL. w
1947: Owners Nautilus S A., Basle. w
1951: Owners Franco Maresca, Genoa, renamed MAR CORRUSCO. w
10/1953: Broken up at Savona by 'A.R.D.E.M.' w

History: - http://www.swiss-ships.ch/schiffe/chasseral_006/form-history-en-chasseral_006.htm
Plans (folder 18): - http://www.marinersmuseum.org/sites/default/files/MS15SSEphmeraFolderListing.pdf
Rennie Line history: - http://oceania.pbworks.com/w/page/8473333/UK-Rennie
2 photographs: - http://www.photoship.co.uk/JAlbum%20Ships/Old%20Ships%20I/slides/Ingeli-02.html
2 postcards (one colour and one B/W) in GAW collection.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 4/9/1897:
The Queen's musicians, Marr, Wood & Co., are showing in their window a beautiful upright pianoforte which they have made specially for J. T. Rennie's new ship INGELI - suitable for a steamer in solid mahogany, made to stand a tropical climate.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 27/11/1899:
7000 tons of war stores left Victoria dock in steamer INGELI for South Africa, half small arms and gun ammunition.

Dundee Courier, 14/9/1900:
Steam INGELI, of Aberdeen, collided with barge JESSIE in Thames. Barge sank.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J T Rennie
length 330 5/6' x breadth 41 1/12' x depth 27 1/12'
Gross Tonnage: 2928 ton

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