Official Number
Yard Number: 263
Registered at Aberdeen 31 March 1891

1 deck, 2 masts
Engines 1 set triple expansion, 10 knots, 72 horsepower

Initial owner William Leslie, 67 Marischal Street, Aberdeen.
17 August 1892: All 64 shares owned by Leslie Steamship Co. Ltd., William Leslie managing owner.
10 July 1906: Registry closed on sale of ship to Norwegian owners.
1910-11: Owner G. Odland, registered Haugesund, Norway.

1892-93: Master J. B. Leask, D. Cameron.
1898-99: Master D. Cameron

Missing on voyage from Blyth to Haugesund with coal and not heard of since 8 December 1911.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/12/1891:
First launch of year from Hall Russell's yard was of screw steamer GOVAL on 13 February. Built to order of Mr. WM Leslie, vessel was intended for the fish trade and has already made several successful tripe to Baltic with herrings. Fitted with triple expansion engines with indicated horsepower 460.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/6/1891:
Steamer GOVAL sailed from Stornoway to St. Petersburg with herring.

Freeman's Journal, 26/4/1892:
Beg to advise arrival of steamer GOVAL with 1071 sales finest German moss litter, first special steamer to come to Dublin with this article.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 6/5/1892:
Steamer GOVAL has just arrived with moss litter and Dutch hay of finest quality from Rotterdam. J & A Davidson, Provost Blakie's Quay.

Western Mail, 8/8/1893:
Steamer St. Alban's towed into Christiansand with loss of shaft and propeller by collision with British steamer GOVAL.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/2/1895:
Steamer GOVAL suffered serious explosion when hatch was being taken off at Provost Blakie's Quay Aberdeen. She had brought cargo of coal from Cardiff. Supposed gas had built up during the voyage and a light had come in contact with it. A huge tongue of flame shot as high as the top of the foremast with a loud report. Four stevedores were seriously injured. Capt. Cameron did all he could for them, pouring oil on the wounds & binding them. GOVAL owned by Leslie 7 Co., one seaman injured.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 18/5/1896:
Steamer GOVAL sailed direct from Stromness direct for Stettin with herring.

Dundee Courier, 28/9/1896:
Steamer GOVAL, Capt. Cameron, arrived Arbroath with cargo of about 160 wood battens for Arbroath Sawmill Co.
W Leslie & Co., Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 160' 5" x breadth 24' 1" x depth 13' 1"
Gross Tonnage: 462 ton

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