Yard Number: 258

Purchased in 1906 by John Cook of Aberdeen.

18/7/1893: New cast iron propeller supplied by HR under Order No. 00.93. Cast iron, bored out in centre and key seat cut. Cost £43.

Purchased in 1906 by John Cook of Aberdeen.

16/01/1904: Picked up the sold survivor from the wreck of the S.S. COMMERCIAL.

Stranded at Peterhead on 22 October 1908, 50 yards from the south entrance to the harbour. All 14 crew were rescued by the local rocket apparatus. Salvage was commenced but heavy weather a week later drove it further ashore and GARTHDEE became a total loss.

Engine details: Steam, screw, triple expansion, 15"x24"x38" with 30" stroke. 594 i.h.p. by HR.
Boiler: Steel, diameter 12'6", length 10'4", 160 psi. 3x36" furnaces, 1385 feet squared heating area.
Cast iron propeller, 10'10 and one half" diameter, solid.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 30/3/1898:
Telegram from Gibraltar states British steamer GARTHDEE had put in there with her machinery out of order, owners W. Leslie & Co.

Glasgow Herald, 27/9/1898:
Gravesend, 26 Sept. - steamer LINGFIELD collided with steamer GARTHDEE (latter undamaged). Later steamer ROBERT INGHAM collided with GARTHDEE, anchored in lower part of Gravesend Reach. GARTHDEE has bulwark plate, starboard bow, forecastle rails, foretopmast, fore rigging & bridge rails damaged and boats and davits carried away on starboard side.

Morning Post, 12/10/1899:
British steamer GARTHDEE, from Hamparana [Sweden] for Dover with wood, ran aground off Trekroner battery, but got off after discharging part of her cargo - has sustained no damage and will proceed.
Aberdeen and Glasgow Steamship Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 190 3/6' x breadth 28 1/12' x depth 14 1/12'
Gross Tonnage: 679 ton

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