Yard Number: 256

Sold to Adolf Deppe, Antwerp and renamed LOIRE in 1906.

Foundered 25 miles NW of les Sept isles, Brittany on 20 April 1914 while on passage from Bayonne to Antwerp with a general cargo.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/5/1890:
The Aberdeen Lime Company, Provost Blakie's Quay, import by their own steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE and deliver in town for cash - finest Hetton Wallsend English, best Wallsend, Hetton nuts. Also various kinds of Scotch coals. (Thereafter this ad. approximately weekly till 29/8/1893)

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 5/3/1891:
The strike at Aberdeen - no settlement yet between shipping federation & seamen and shore labourers' union at Aberdeen. Steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE is expected to be discharged in time for her to leave today. At meeting of shipping federation it was stated no difficulty was expected in getting free Labour to work the various ships. The action taken by Ellis & McHardy and Aberdeen Lime Co. against the shore labourers' union, under the instructions of the federation, was discussed. The masters adhere to their course of action.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 6/3/1891:
Shipping federation drafted 60 men from Newcastle and Liverpool and union won over 21 of them from early hour pickets patrolled the quays. Last night a large crowd paraded the quays and congregated near the steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE. Stones were thrown and police had to use their batons to disperse them.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 7/3/1891:
Steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE left in the morning, but with exception of small crowd who witnessed her departure, the vessel was allowed to leave in quietness.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/7/1896:
As Inverness fishing boat THE CHASE was leaving Aberdeen, a collision occurred with steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE, arriving from Sunderland. THE CHASE was struck amidships, hole extending from deck to below waters edge. Water quickly rushed in and boat was fast sinking. DUCHESS OF FIFE was going slow owing to large number of herring boats in the channel. Capt. Falconer at once gave order to stand by to render assistance. Ropes were thrown from the steamer and disabled craft was towed & beached at Duthie & Co's shipyard, where she is expected to be repaired. DUCHESS OF FIFE sustained no injury and proceeded to her berth in Victoria Dock.

Glasgow Herald, 1/10/1897:
Schooner MINNIE EATON, from Sunderland, has returned there slightly damaged by collision with steamer DUCHESS OF FIFE (Sunderland - Aberdeen).
Aberdeen Lime Company, Aberdeen
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 190 3/6' x breadth 28 1/12' x depth 15'
Gross Tonnage: 671 ton

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