Official Number
Yard Number: 247
Registered: 1 June 1888

Description: Two decks, two masts, brigantine rigged, round stern, clench built, no gallery, no head and steel framework.
Engine details: Steam ship by a screw, one set, triple, direct acting, 21"x34"x56" with 42" stroke, 220 HP, 1506.5 IHP by Hall Russell.
Number 2 boiler, 13'4" diameter, 10'4" in length, 6 furnaces with 3006 square feet heating area and 160 psi.
Propeller: 14'4" in diameter, solid cast iron.

Renamed: ABD-EL-MONEM (1903); MENZALEH (1905)

In 1898-99 still owned by J. T. Rennie. In 1904 Hall Russell built another INANDA for Rennie.

In February 1903, vessel was sold to the Khedive of Egypt and renamed ABD-EL-MONEM.

In 1905 it was sold to Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Co., Ltd London and renamed MENZALEH. Used on Red Sea and Levant services.

On 6 June 1918 the vessel was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine UB105 230 miles ESE of Malta on voyage from Alexandria to Bristol with a cargo of cotton seed. Ten lives were lost and the master was taken prisoner. Saleh Abus (fireman), Evaristo Fonsea (fireman), Jurenal Gonzalez (fireman), A. Hutton (third engineer), Abdul Moin Ibrahim (fireman), Daud Ibrahim (fireman), George Sidney Magee (first engineer), Mohammad Saqi (fireman), S. Thomas (sailor).

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/5/1888:
Finely modelled screw passenger steamer INANDA launched by Hall Russell for J.T. Rennie & Sons for London-Natal trade, Miss Madge Wilson, daughter of senior partner in Hall Russel, gracefully performed christening ceremony. Vessel glided along the ways without hitch to cheers of onlookers, she was then towed to sheer poles, where masts and engines are to be fitted. Company adjourned to one of building lofts for wine and cake banquet, among present G. Hall Rennie and Alex Rennie, owners of ship.

Standard, 6/6/1888:
Gold Fields - for Port Natal, magnificent new steamer INANDA, fitted with electric light, bells and all modern equipment for 1st class passengers, will sail from London docks 19 June. Carries stewardess.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 9/6/1888:
INANDA took her departure after cruising about the bay to test the engines after series of progressive trials maintained mean speed of 12 and a half knots, engines going very smoothly. Large company went out to bay and many gentlemen aboard to London. Commanded by Capt. Stewart, late of DOBULANANZI. Capt. Smith, and old servant of the company, acted as pilot.

Glasgow Herald, 30/6/1888:
INANDA, London for Port Natal, arrived Tenerife 29 June.

Standard, 30/9/1888:
Sailing for Port Natal early October, will carry surgeon, piano. [Left Gravesend 11 Oct.]

Standard, 15/1/1889:
INANDA will sail 25 Jan. for Port Natal, calling at Tenerife.

Glasgow Herald, 29/3/1889:
Left Port Natal 27 March for London.

Standard, 5/1889:
Will sail 9 May to Natal, calling at Tenerife to land passengers.

Freeman’s Journal, 17/12/1894:
Steamer INANDA from London arrived Portland and proceeded for Natal.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/12/1898:
Steamer INANDA, for Natal, anchored Gravesend with machinery defective.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J T Rennie
length 271' x breadth 35 1/12' x depth 24 11/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1758 ton

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